The news of the PIF2019 Regulation

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The close communication with the international schools and the opening to all the musical genres of the 2018 edition, have been confirmed as winning arme. A large number of members and many appreciations, mean that the regulation is solid and effective. For the 2019 edition the basic plant will be


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Conferma della scuola russa (5 primi posti e 14esima affermazione nella categoria Premio) e primo storico podio per l’Islanda (tra i master). Il colpo d’occhio sull’epilogo di PIF2018 sintetizza il mix di novità e tradizione che ha caratterizzato la 43° edizione del premio fidardense.

#PIF2018 | An international accordion prize without borders

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A great final for a great edition. In Castelfidardo, a city that wears the dress of the party and rediscovers its deepest and most fruitful soul linked to craftsmanship and tradition, the International Accordion Prize leafs its last page on Sunday. A day in which the winner of the most prestigious category will be enrolled in the prestigious roll of honor, a name that will come out from the trio of young people who…

#PIF2018 presents “the aces”: Caputo, Molinari, Monina and Toccaceli

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Take one of the most esteemed and pungent music critics, add a famous artist for the swing of the “An Italian Saturday”; put one of the most beautiful female voices of the jazz scene shaked with an emerging author-director of the “fidardense”origins.

Insert the musical accompaniment of a refined quartet, the bubbles of Alici & Calici and the game is done: the International Accordion Prize opens in an effervescent way. The stars of the opening night of Wednesday 12 (from 19:00, Piazza della Repubblica, free admission) are Michele Monina, Sergio Caputo, Simona Molinari and Mattia Toccaceli, protagonists at 21:00 of an unprecedented musical talk…

#PIF2018: “FISSÓ ARMONIKOS, Men and accordions”

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For years I have been involved in “theater” – says Renzo Ruggieri, artistic director of #PIF2018 – and I felt the duty to bring this extraordinary part of arts inside the PIF. The voice of the accordion can reach sublime peaks in this area and I consider this choice as a special tribute to Paolo Soprani, entrepreneur and artist at the same time.
– “FISSÓ ARMONIKOS, Men and Accordions” is the perfect “trait d’union” between…


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Musical and spoken interventions on the accordion with electronics.

For years, electronics applied to the accordion ‘has shown’ its potential, often impressing the audience without ever really breaching the hearts of the performers.The new generation of “smartphones”, however, is no longer attracted by these effects but seeks that emotion that only Art eran be offer.

For this reason, PIF 2018 has decided to…

M° Ruggieri: “Aperture and culture, the PIF like Sanremo”

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Enthusiasm, quality, innovation. A fresh air is blowing on the #PIF 2018 – International Accordion Prize – whose 43rd edition is on its doorstep: from September 9th to 16th, a program full of emotions burst with hundreds of musicians competing and famous guests. The new artistic director, the master (from Abruzzo) Renzo Ruggieri, transmits a 360-degree vision, energy and his experience … tracing an already distinct mark.

Farfisa day, dedicated to a memory and historic travel

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Who does not remember the epic documentary film “Live at Pompei”, one of the most important in the history of rock shot in ’71 by Pink Floyd?

Well the keyboard highlighted by Richard Wright is the compact duo of Farfisa and the largest European company of acoustic and electronic instruments, which the PIF2018 will pays tribute.