The accordion sublimates the music and Castelfidardo is its prophet

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It is the synthesis of a history of just under 160 years and contained in the documentary that on May, Sunday 9th broadcasted in Sky Arte program at 9.15 pm on Sky channels 120 and 400. The subject is as exceptional as the narrative voice which is that of a great musician from the Marches, like the bellows and ante that have marked, and still mark, the history of the world accordion: Raphael Gualazzi.

During the program, the legendary, technical and artistic story of the product par excellence made in Castelfidardo unfolds with the contribution of the Accordion Museum, an exceptional collection of instruments from every era that fascinates eyes and hearts.

In a completely renovated environment for the …

The accordion and the unification of Italy

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Just 160 years ago, on March 17, 1861, United Italy and the first, great Fidardian epic were born. Six months earlier, in fact, in the Selva di Castelfidardo, not far from the farmhouses of the peasants that dotted the Valmusone, what history, from then on, would have considered the decisive battle for the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy had been fought.

PIF, the Russian Artem Malhasyan and organization audacity wins

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The future is now, in the audacity of an edition of the International Accordion Award that has not bowed to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic but has rather indicated the way forward, inventing a new digital format that can be taken as a reference in the entire panorama musical. The Russian school is confirmed at the top with Artem Malhasyan, born in 1995, a native of Goryachy Klyuch, a student of the St. Petersburg Conservatory and of maestro Vladimir Orlov, who already won last year in the classical ‘master’ category.

“I have been playing the accordion since I was a child and I can’t imagine myself without”: a talent that describes himself this way and that, albeit remotely, received the consecration in the prestigious concert section by the jury chaired by Friedrich Lips, playing a keyboard instrument, a rather unusual circumstance where the button one can be considered of choice.

#PIF2020 elects the winners of an innovative edition

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Energy, vibrations, hopes and pathos. The 45th International Accordion Award reaches the finish line: it is time for verdicts, which for the first time in history will come remotely through the connections set up with the 36 countries of the globe in which the
selected artists and 45 members of the jury chaired by the master participate Friedrich Lips who under ‘normal’ conditions would have received honorary citizenship today.

Raphael Gualazzi feat. Ruggieri, the accordion meets the pop art

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The promise to return to the stage soon is fulfilled at the Astra Theater in the context of the 45th International Accordion Award. In mid-July he had had to cancel some scheduled dates of the summer tour due to a minor surgery, today the wave of ‘likes’ on the official fb profile stimulated by the announcement of the concert at Castelfidardo testifies how much affection, esteem and interest arouse an artist like Raphael Gualazzi.

“Memories Fancelli” the PIF between tradition and innovation

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“If Castelfidardo with its prestigious festival is alive despite the pandemic, music and the accordion are also alive”: with this effective slogan coined by artistic director Renzo Ruggieri, the PIF leafs through the intense calendar of a day with multicolored jazz shades on Friday , combining the digital innovation of a ‘special edition’ and tradition.

Rea & Biondini, magic jazz at the Astra

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A concert of extraordinary depth, a day full of sounds, emotions and colors in which the PIF, the International Accordion Prize, is immersed in the fullness of its contents. Thursday evening is characterized by the performance of two big names in the music scene, especially jazz:

Follow with us all streaming PIF2020

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All the events of the PIF2020 will be made available in streaming, on the official channels of the PIF and of the television partners. Below are the links for live streaming events that you can follow from your devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone).