Castelfidardo, from town to “city” thanks to the accordion

Castelfidardo has ancient origins, but it is only towards the middle of the 19th century that, thanks to the industriousness and ingenuity of Paolo Soprani, the name of this village began to spread, associated with that of an unknown musical instrument: the accordion. The accordion construction activity transformed the economy of the city and other nearby centers, which had hitherto been mainly agricultural, into a real industrial economy. The local community benefited from it for over a century and the city expanded significantly bringing residents to the nearly 19,000 inhabitants today. In 1988, Castelfidardo obtained the title of “city”. Over time, the more traditional industry has been joined by the avant-garde industry with world-leading companies in the fields of electronics, musical instruments, production of objects and design.

Now in its 46th edition, the PIF – International Accordion Award – is an event with an international flair pervaded by a great spirit of innovation. An event that has built its success slowly over time. Let’s retrace some fundamental steps. The beginnings of the International Accordionists Review in 1963, fifty-eight years ago, the introduction of foreign participants in 1975 and in 1979 the 1st National Accordion Championships which became World Championship in 1981. From 1989 to 2013 we will talk about the International Accordion Festival, while in 2014 it will begin to be called P.I.F. for the first time in the edition that sees Roberto Lucanero in the artistic direction.

This is only a brief excursus that makes us proud of the work done and projects us towards the future with great enthusiasm.
The awareness that grows, edition after edition, is that a solid experience combined with a love for music and for the accordion are the fundamental ingredients to continue to evolve and grow under the banner of the highest quality.