Events Program from September 28th to October 2nd 2022

Wednesday 28 September

BAHC Duo Accosphere

7,30 pm – Auditorium San Francesco
What if Bach’s symphonies were transformed into a contemporary experimental work for one evening? The Duo Accosphere gives us BAHC, a virtuoso performance in a very varied and transversal repertoire.

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9,30 pm – Parco delle Rimembranze
Flanked by his historic band, Sergio retraces his career starting from his successes up to songs from his new album entitled UNA SOLA GIORNATA.

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Thursday 29 September

Friday 30 September

SPACE IS ONLY NOISE | Carlo Sampaolesi

4 pm – Museo Internazionale della Fisarmonica
The concert focuses on the presentation of the homonymous album made by the accordionist fidardense, resident in Belgium, Carlo Sampaolesi and published by the label NÜGO – Records.

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Paolo Soprani Artist

4 pm – Piazza della Repubblica
On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Paolo Soprani, musicians Peter Moger and Jozsef Bologh will perform in Piazza della Repubblica. The repertoire will range from Balkan music to Jazz.

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Grayson Masefield

5,30 pm – Salone degli Stemmi
For the closing ELITE ACCORDION concert, we’ll be listening to Grayson Masefield.

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7,30 pm – Auditorium San Francesco
A magical work, where bayan, percussion and string orchestra meet creating a unique and highly successful suggestion for the Norwegian artist’s career.

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8,30 pm – Piazza della Repubblica
Come and discover the universe of James Lesueur through his compositions and his personal interpretation of famous titles that have written the history of the variety accordion and Musette in France.

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10,30 pm – Piazza della Repubblica
The Moldovan ensemble which, starting from popular music, will make us rediscover the value of the accordion in classical, jazz, world music, etc.

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Memorial Alessandro Di Zio

5 pm – Castelfidardo, International Museum of Accordion
A conference dedicated to the memory of Alessandro Di Zio with the accompaniment of the Accord’Ance Quartet, and speeches by Alessandra Di Zio, Massimiliano Pitocco, Massimo Pigini.

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11 am – Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi
Presentation of the book by the author. An immersion in a boundless universe of sources to discover the ancestors of today’s accordion, which inspired and generated a real musical literature. A large fresco made up of instruments and a multitude of inventors, builders and musicians, and of their path in the nineteenth-century civilization up to the early decades of the twentieth century, with a look at the current bellows.

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Saturday 1 October


From 10 am to 12,30 pm – Piazza della Repubblica
The event PIF SCHOOL PARTY intends to offer an exciting musical moment for all pupils and students of the middle schools of Castelfidardo “P. Soprani “and “G. Mazzini”.

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11 am – Salone degli Stemmi
the project “Organetti Circular” aims to become a laboratory for sharing both knowledge of oral tradition and traditional music, both a laboratory of technological development at the service of the music market, museum and conservation and entertainment facilities.

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Sunday 2 October

Accordion & Childhood. Research projects by Patrizia Angeloni

11 am – Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi
Conference. What didactics for the concert accordion in childhood? How can the accordion be a musical training tool in the Kindergarten? In response to these questions, the conference illustrates research projects developed in courses and laboratories.

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“Nuovo C.D.M.I. prima” Speciale Licei Musicali. Progetto pilota 2021-2022 a cura di Nuovo C.D.M.I. con Miranda Cortes e Patrizia Angeloni

10 am – Castelfidardo, Salone degli Stemmi
Conference. An unprecedented event: the accordion in the instrumental ensemble of the Liceo Musicale. the students are the protagonists of a musical production in various phases: training on contemporary music, concert performance of three new works produced by three composers, recording and publication of digital albums and scores.

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