On the 21st of October at 9:30pm, the theater Lauro Rossi of Macerata hosts Japanese music

This unique event is offered by the “Festival Tipicità Evo”, who, for this year, will work on an international scale by hosting the nation of the rising sun. The protagonists of this event are the maestros Coba as Coba and Oki Jin with the concert “Coba as Japan! Languages, culture and music”. A spectacle created just for this occasion, which brings to Macerata international sounds and melodies. Yasuhiro Kobayashi, also known as Coba, is a true celebrity in his homeland while also being appreciated as an artist on an international level. Born in Nagano, he started playing the accordion when he was 9 years old, he then further developed his abilities in Italy, until he became known in Austria as the best accordionist alive. Kobayashi then started to create his own music, starting collaborations with celebrities of the music industry as Björk. During his career he has also collaborated with Goldie, with 808 State, with Underworld, with Plaid and with Howie B. During 1996 the Nova magazine, has mentioned his Roots as his best album. During 2001 the Japanese Academy Award proclaimed him as the best composer of the year. During 2002 he worked on the soundtrack for the Pokémon series. During 2006 he was awarded the “Voce d’oro” the prize of “the most active accordionist in the world. He has published more than 30 albums. Kobayashi doesn’t think that his music belongs to any specific genre. During 2017 he has received honorary citizenship from the municipality of Castelfidardo “for his elevated artistic merits and for promoting the accordion, also known as the reed instrument”. The event was born from the Grand Tour of the Marche, thanks to the collaboration between the municipalities of Macerata, Castelfidardo and the PIF-the international accordion festival.