Castelfidardo, the land of the accordion

The territory of Castelfidardo naturally lies on historical and cultural foundations strongly bound to musical instruments, especially to accordion and squeezebox, traditions that keep the ancestral rhythm of narration and the rituals of the territory. Castelfidardo, located in the Musone river’s Valley, is where the worldwide accordion and squeezebox industry was born. As stated by the nineteenth-century Metodo Greggianti, the accordion got, at the beginning, the fame of being the instrument to perform Classical music. Castelfidardo and Recanati are, besides, famous opera singers Mario Binci and Beniamino Gigli’s cities of birth (and location of their museums, respectively).
Visit the website Comune di Castelfidardo and discover the Museo della Fisarmonica.

Where to eat

A few steps away from the sea, surrounded by the luxuriant greenery of the hills, Castelfidardo is a real culinary heaven, where the flavours of the land embrace the flavours of the sea through traditional recipes that are still nowadays conscientiously observed. The fish from the Adriatic Sea appears on the tables of the town families, keeping its whole freshness and flavour untouched, brought out by the use of olive oil of excellent quality, generously quaffed by the wines produced by the local farms, whose names are famous worldwide. Not to mention the sumptuous cold cuts centerpieces, enriched by delicious and rare meats, such as stuffed pigeon. A banquet of gluttony.

OSTERIA IL MATTARELLO Via IV Novembre, 4, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 782 2861

LA GROTTA Via Roma, 70, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 782 2051 / 338 9964619

OSTERIA DA PIPPO Via Giacomo Matteotti, 32, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 780 8543

PIZZA PIÙ – PIZZA AL TAGLIO Via Giacomo Matteotti, 5, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 782 5243

CUORE DI PIZZA Via Paolo Soprani, 8, Castelfidardo tel. 071 7822375 – Tel.

LA III REPUBBLICA Via Breccia, 8, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 345 598 2239

BLACK’N’ROLL Via Montebello, 11, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 320 687 5137 / 071 2146344

TEN CAFFÈ Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni 8 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071780276

LA CENTRALE Piazza Giacomo Leopardi, 4, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 096 0000

PIZZERIA MARIO Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 15, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel.  071 782 2175

BRICIOLE Piazzale Michelangelo Buonarroti, 35, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 241 2986

FROLLA AL PARCO Monumento Castelfidardo, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 3284664359

TIFFANY CAFFÈ Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 338 737 9231

O’BRIAN PUB Via Guglielmo Marconi, 11, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 7825152

MAD FOOD SUSHI BAR Via Dante Alighieri, 15, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 331 475 2404

GELATERIA CAFFETTERIA CASTELLANA Via IV Novembre, 178, 60022 Castelfidardo  – Tel. 071 780795

OSTERIA LA FISARMONICA Via Che Guevara, 9b, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 736 6032

LA PAPOSCIA CASTELFIDARDO Via A. Diaz, 31, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 338 493 0532

RISTORANTE PIZZERIA I CUGINI Via Don Sturzo, 1, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 782 3209

STRAPIZZAMI DI PITTORI ALESSANDRO Via G. Rossini, 42, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 348 590 6739

PROFUMO DI PIZZA Di Perini Alice & C. snc Via Antonio Meucci, 2, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 211 4014

LA PINTA Via G. Rossini, 33, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 366 157 4330 / 071 7822686

PUNTO PIZZA Via XXV Aprile, Snc, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 241 7012 / 328 9729474

L’IO CAFFÈ Via XXV Aprile, 50, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel.

ANEMA E CORE Via Giambattista Pergolesi, 2, 60022 Castelfidardo – Tel. 071 973 3547

Where to stay

KLASS HOTEL, Castelfidardo,

IL COVO DEI PICCIONI, Castelfidardo,

HOTEL PARCO, Castelfidardo,

HOTEL I CUGINI, Castelfidardo,


RELAIS CHAMBRE, Castelfidardo, 

LA DOLCE VITA, Castelfidardo,

VILLA REA BED & BEAUTY, Castelfidardo, 

ROSSO DI SERA, Castelfidardo,

B&B LE FORNACI, Castelfidardo, 3282134165

B&B A CASA DI BEA, Castelfidardo,

Consulta il sito della Riviera del Conero

How to get to Castelfidardo

BY CAR: Follow the A14 motorway. If you are travelling southwards, take the exit to Ancona Sud; if you are travelling northwards, take the exit to Loreto – Porto Recanati.
Thereafter, follow the S.S.16 Adriatica (state road 16): you will see the deviation to Castelfidardo from Km 314 to Km 320.

BY TRAIN: From the train stations of Ancona, Osimo and Osimo Stazione you can reach Castelfidardo by the ATMA Ancona bus service (please check the timetables on su

BY BUS: Buses are available from Ancona to Castelfidardo (21,7 km, 33min), from Osimo Stazione to Castelfidardo (6 km, 10min), from Loreto to Castelfidardo (8,3 km, 14min), please check the timetables on

BY PLAN: The international airport of Ancona is reached by flights from several European cities, you can check the departures and arrivals list on


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