The PIF2020 composition competition opens to the colors

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The first NEWS of 2020 could not fail to be that of the opening of the CLASSIC & ENSEMBLE COMPOSITION FOR ACCORDION category that has had so much feedback in past years. In 2018 the composers faced writing for accordion and string orchestra, in 2019 with the symphony orchestra while this year we chose an unprecedented, agile and highly contemporary formation. A modern rhythmic section (piano / electronic keyboard, double bass, 2 percussionists) combines with a section of standard woods (flute, oboe, clarinet / sax, horn, bassoon) to interpret the annual theme of the festival: ALL THE COLORS OF THE WORLD.

This subject was chosen to represent the evolution of the accordion in modern times and to encourage its integration in the contamination of contemporary classical music. The regulation – while not distorting traditional writing – acts as a stimulus for new generations of composers to create new orchestrations and new sounds.
Piano (Electronic Keyboard option)
Percussion 1 (chosen by the composer)
Percussion 2 (chosen by the composer)
Flute (Ottavino option)
Bb Clarinet (Sax option any type)
Horn in F

  • The composition must never have been performed publicly, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.
  • The composer must take into account that the winning piece will be performed by the candidates admitted to the THIRD ROUND of the classic AWARD category (2020).
  • The duration must be between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 minutes;
  • Must contain at least one part “solo” for accordion.
  • The soloists will perform only one rehearsal with the orchestra before the final performance.
  • There are no registration fees.

Composers are invited to send their composition on the website by April 30th 2020 in PDF format (score WITHOUT NAME OF THE AUTHOR and score WITH NAME, the detached parts will be requested later) and an MP3 audio demo performed live or through music software. If the piece is composed of several artists, the recording must be made in the name of the main composer, indicating all the other names in the score.


  • Artistic trophy
  • Scholarship of € 1000.00 (pre-tax)
  • The composition will become the compulsory piece of the third test for the “Prize” category


  • Artistic trophy
  • Scholarship of € 500.00 (pre-tax)


  • Artistic trophy
  • Scholarship of € 250.00 (pre-tax)


  • In collaboration with the “Ars Spoletium Music Editions”, professional recording and distribution in the catalog, for an artistic project selected among the top three composers.

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  • Wojtek



    I’m writing to ask about the orchestration of the piece for composition competition. I want ask about two percussion players. Can I use more than two instruments, because in rules is written 1. percussion and 2. percussion. Can I use more instruments for one percussion player?

    Best wishes and stay healthy,


    • PIF


      Dear Woytek,
      Yes, sure.
      The regulation asks for 2 PERCUSSIONISTS, that is two musicians only can play more instruments, at the composer’s choice.


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