#PIF2018 | An international accordion prize without borders

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A great final for a great edition. In Castelfidardo, a city that wears the dress of the party and rediscovers its deepest and most fruitful soul linked to craftsmanship and tradition, the International Accordion Prize leafs its last page on Sunday. A day in which the winner of the most prestigious category will be enrolled in the prestigious roll of honor, a name that will come out from the trio of young people who…  have passed the first two steps: Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania), Radu Ratoi (Moldova), Vladimir Stupnikov (Russia). The third and decisive test, on stage at the Astra theater at 5.00 pm, free admission, takes place live with the accompaniment of the string orchestra of the “Osti” theater in Ortona conducted by maestro Paolo Angelucci, an internationally renowned violinist, to the jury presided over by master Friederich Lips. The compulsory piece to be interpreted is “Chiaroscuro”, a game of contrasts between rhythm and melody, consonances and dissonances, with which Andrea Di Giacomo, from Pescara, won the “classical composition”, a section included with considerable success this year (a good 19 works proposed) increasing the accordion literature. But after the proclamation, the lights this time do not turn off remaining lit up on one of the most anticipated concerts that enhances the cultural and innovative cut imprinted by the artistic director Renzo Ruggieri. In fact, “S-Confini” (without borders) unites exceptional tendencies and masters of absolute value: Cesare Chiacchiaretta, refined artist with an extraordinary concert career dedicated to the composition of new tonal music, offers a world premiere inspired by a history of the Second World War; Vladimir Blagojevic, one of the best Balkan concert performers will have the honor of playing for the first time in the accordion and string orchestra version “Towards the Great Rift” by the composer Vladimir Trmčić; Marco Gemelli, a concert artist and teacher of excellence, will instead represent fusion, doing crossover with a composition that mixes classical, jazz and popular music. A versatility and versatility of the reed instrument that will be further enhanced during the closing party in Piazza della Repubblica (from 8.00 pm) from the concert of a well-known big name: Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana, a pioneer of ethnic music, a symbol of diatonic accordion, a stylistic figure in which the knowledge of the Italian tradition is integrated with the constant tension towards research and experimentation through the paths of world music.

Scattered with opportunities not to be missed, for professionals and non-professionals, the entire day: from the master class of Friederich Lips, a Russian star who has influenced classical accordion music in the last decade (9:30, Auditorium Binci ), at the AperiPif of 12.00 am at the Mordini gardens with Giancarlo Caporilli, known as the accordionist for all, such a vast repertoire is that it ranges through every kind of music. Furthermore, the free lessons at the “Sopran” music school for youngsters from 4 to 18 years are continuing: today the masters of piano, accordion, accordion, violin, guitar and singing are available.

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