PIF-Auditorium 2019

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PIF Auditorium

“Excellence in eight concerts”

The Pif-Auditorium is the pre-evening section of the PIF that takes care of the concerts in the beautiful Auditorium San Francesco di Castelfidardo, calibrated according to the special acoustics that will go from classical music but also to jazz and electronic experiments. Every day of the festival (19, 20, 21, 22 September) at the same time you can listen to two concerts (at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm) a day with extraordinary concert performers who have come from all over the world in collaboration with companies of companies of accordions that every year support the PIF without saving.

A start with a bang with the great ERIC BOUVELLE from France and with BARETÈ QUARTET who will present their CD “Mirage”. Several “themed” concerts with CHRISTINE ROSSI (France) with a monograph on the composer Franck Angelis (present at the concert) but also GIORGIO DELLAROLE (Italy) who will dedicate his concert to Domenico Scarlatti. Do not miss the accordion conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci played by ALEKSANDER IPAVEC (Slovenia) accompanied by the PAOLA CHIABUDINI on the harpsichord. Space also for the very young PIETRO ROFFI who will present his CD “1999”, PETAR MARIC (Serbia) who will propose an unpublished classical concert with electronic accordion and the CHARM TRIO (Russia) composed by the best talents of the Russian school.

Here are the concerts of the Pif-Auditorium:

  • BARETÈ QUARTET (Italy) jazz, world music
    19 September 18:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Composed by accordionist Giampaolo Mrach, Pierpaolo Gregorin (saxophones), Alessandro Scolz (piano) and Mario Castenetto (percussion), they will present their CD “Mirage” an intriguing mix between jazz and world music. Concert in collaboration with Brandoni accordions.
  • ERIC BOUVELLE (Francia) variété
    19 September 19:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Eric Bouvelle is an undisputed leader in the French variété accordion. Winner of many international awards (Trossingen, World Cup, Gold Medal S.A.C.E.M. and many others) he collaborated with great artists such as Marcel Azzola as well as having held concerts all over the world as a soloist and with his orchestra.
    Concert in collaboration with Cavagnolo Accordions.
  • WALKING WITH LEONARDO DA VINCI (Slovenia, Italy) from the Renaissance to the present day.
    20 September 18:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Aleksandar Ipavec is not new to the exploration of new territories and he could not miss his experience with the accordion designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. With this instrument, of recent realization, and with the accompaniment to the harpsichord by the very talented Paola Chiabudini, she will propose a music that starts from the Renaissance to reach our days. Concert in collaboration with Bugari Accordions.
    20 September 19:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    The teacher Giorgio Dellarole, who has been dealing with baroque music and not only for decades, certainly needs no introduction. He presents an extraordinary monographic concert on the great Domenico Scarlatti, based on his latest CD “Scarlatti Sonatas”, winner of the Orpheus Award for best Italian accordionist production of 2019. Concert in collaboration with Scandalli Accordions.
  • PIETRO ROFFI (Italy) classic with electronics
    21 September 18:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Very young interpreter, Pietro Roffi has already won numerous international competitions and has already toured the world as a soloist and with important orchestras. He recently signed a contract with the prestigious INRI CLASSIC label for the “1999” CD which he will present exclusively to the PIF. Different musical genres are touched with classical-style arrangements but obtained by applying the digital multi-effects to the accordion. Concert in collaboration with Bugari Accordions.
    21 September 19:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    An extraordinary concert! A great interpreter! An exciting repertoire!
    Christine Rossi, winner of all the major international competitions, will present a monograph on the music of the great composer Franck Angelis who will do us the honor of being present at the concert. Not to be missed. Concert in collaboration with Pigini Accordions.
  • PETAR MARIC (Serbia) classic with digital accordion
    22 September 18.00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Very young Petar Maric dominated international competitions, winning almost anywhere (CIA, CMA, Klingenthal, PIF, Primus Ikaalinen) from classical, virtuoso and electronic. Just with the virtual accordion he set his personality in a repertoire that combines accordion compositions classic with electronic sounds. Concert in collaboration with EVO Digital Accordions.
  • TRIO CHARM (Russia) classic
    22 September 19:00, Auditorium San Francesco
    Born in 2015, the TRIO CHARM consists of accordionists Artur Adrshin, Vladimir Stupnikov, Arkadii Shkvorov all graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory of St. Petersburg under the guidance of M ° Aleksandr Dmitriev. In addition to the individual victory in the most prestigious international competitions (including the PIF AWARD category), the World Cup, PIF, World Trophy and many others won in trio. They will present an impressive repertoire ranging from Bach, to Mussorgsky to Petri Makkonen who wrote music specifically for this trio. Concert in collaboration with Pigini accordions.

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