September 29, 2021 – 10,30 pm [within the program FUORI PIF]

Castelfidardo, O’Brian Pub

Limited capacity – until the available seats are reached (according to anti-COVID regulations)

Many will have listened to them during live performances and will have been captivated by folk, Irish and jazzy rhythms. They are called Folkantina and they play following two guidelines. The first is that of the group’s founder, Filippo Ripanti: “Life is too good not to do beautiful things”, the second is what stands out on their website: “We like folk, but we like the cellar even more”. What comes out? The marcheship that reigns in Ancona and its province. The group, founded in 2009, unites 9 passionate musicians living between Ancona and Castelfidardo. The names of Filippo Ripanti (vocalist), Michele Pettinari (guitar, rhythm and mandolin), Stefano Accoroni (guitar, soloist, benjo), Federico Pesco (bass), Valerio Mori (drums), Stefano Orlandini (percussion), Andrea Socci ( violin), Leonardo Rosselli (flute and sax) and Emanuele Storti (accordion) are becoming increasingly popular in the area and the idea of ​​recording a record is not entirely excluded.

“At the beginning we wanted to make songwriting music, then the entry of other members brought different experiences that gave us the current structure”. Speaking is the accordionist of the band Emanuele Storti, a university researcher by profession with a passion for music. He comes from classical music, has gained experience in French music and Argentine tango and was one of the pieces that transformed the group from songwriting to folk-rock. The video clip shot between Ancona and Morro d’Alba says a lot about the identity of the group: it is called “the song of the vi” the direction is curated by Fabrizio Redaelli and is an ironic journey between wines and food of the territory told (and tasted) in moments of joy such as the soccer match, dances in the square or under the Clementine arch. It was born on a song written two years ago, but it is not the only one that tells about the Marche. In the Folkantina repertoire there is also one that tells the legend of the birth of the accordion in Castelfidardo: “We tell the tale of the wayfarer headed to Loreto at the end of the 19th century who would have stopped in a country house with his organ from which Paolo Soprani would have been inspired by the construction of the accordion »says Emanuele. In short, no problems and anguish, the joy of popular traditions is sung, even taking inspiration from foreign ones. Alongside the covers of Bandabardò, Modena City Ramblers, Rino Gaetano or the Apulian folk there is also space for personal experiences across the border. An example is: “Un giro di Rakija”, a typical Balkan liqueur, born after a trip to Sarajevo by Filippo Ripanti who had translated the sensations he had experienced into prose and poetry. “We intend to tell what we like and what we are passionate about starting from what is around us”. A record? “We are evaluating, for now we would like to launch another song via video clip but we are not ruling out the making of a record”.


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