September 16th, 2023 – from 10 am to 12,30 pm

Castelfidardo, Piazza della Repubblica

For more information write to info@pifcastelfidardo.it or call 071 7822987.


“To study, in Latin, means to love, that is to give meaning to our life and that of others. We never stop loving our school because a better future for all is written in the best present that we can achieve together.” (Roberto Vecchioni). The school world celebrates the end of classes with parties, concerts and essays. Just as the end of a journey is celebrated, it is equally important to celebrate the start. School is socialization, union and participation, so we want to welcome the beginning of the new school year with enthusiasm and happiness. The event PIF SCHOOL PARTY intends to offer an exciting musical moment for all pupils and students of the middle schools of Castelfidardo “P. Soprani “and “G. Mazzini” and celebrate with joy the beginning of the new school year.