Concert exceptionnel

September 15th, 2023 – 8,30 pm

Castelfidardo, Piazza della Repubblica


For more information write to info@pifcastelfidardo.it or call 071 7822987.


An early artist, James Lesueur began the accordion at the age of four in Lyon with Roger Crevat then in Hirson alongside Cyrille Laurent. 1968 is the year of the consecration with the title of world champion. From that moment on, the prizes are connected. He won the trophy of the principles of the accordion in 1982 in one of the most beautiful French showrooms: the Pavillon Baltard broadcast by the national television channel TF1 and first French-Belgian television award in the classical category in 1984. His versatility allows this artist to excel both in the repertoire of Musette and in the varieties and the classical openings he particularly likes. James Lesueur, also nicknamed in France “the new Médard Ferrero”, strives to compose new songs to rediscover the accordion in respect of his fathers and models who are Joe Rossi, André Astier, Marcel Azzola and Joss Baselli who inspire and guide him to better serve the instrument.