ROCCO BURTONE presents Gaber Jannacci EDio

with Giampaolo Mrach – accordion
Stefano Muscovi – harmonic and chromatic mouth
Roberto Franceschini – bass

September 15th, 2023 – 6,30 pm

Castelfidardo, Piazza della Repubblica

For more information write to or call 071 7822987.


The accordion meets Gaber and Jannacci. Burtone sings and plays two of his heroes and masters, but also of the guitti that Dario Fo so celebrated in his works and representations. And Guitto also wanted to be Jannacci, certainly the most loved by Burtone who cites him in his most famous songs, but dwelling on the surreal aspect of the genius sometimes unwelcome by the masses. Moreover, both Jannacci and Gaber made little “promotional” choices for their career.  The recital alternates stories and funny songs and cabaret moments of emotion that touch the social and strong suggestions.  This time Burtone has asked for the collaboration of musicians who in addition to the technical skills alongside an emotional momentum towards Gaber and Jannacci, because with two such as not enough to play, you must necessarily interpret and support the importance of the lyrics. And the three musicians are very particular characters: Giampaolo Mrach at the fisa is a jazz musician (already winner of the Pif 2016 cat. Jazz)that does not disdain alternations with tradition. Stefano Muscovi in the chromatic overtone. Roberto Franceschini, a great luthier, plays the double bass he built and who handles like a violin. A very dadaist recital, son of two legends like Gaber and Jannacci.