with Kiv Ravitz (Batteria) e Federico Casagrande (Chitarra)

October 1, 2022 – 9.30 pm

Castelfidardo, Parco delle Rimembranze



Like all popular music, jazz is a music with a strong personality. The international recognition of accordionist Vincent Peirani is based on this essential and fundamental quality. His musical charisma, his singular imagination, the conception of his art, the fruits of a career without blinders, everything hits everyone’s mind very quickly. After brilliant classical studies (many international awards), his immersion in the jazz universe is in fact immediately marked by the seal of success up to the coronations at the Victoires du jazz in 2014, 2015 then in 2019 for the album Night Walker. Whatever the style, Vincent Peirani turns everything he touches into gold: jazz of course (in addition to his projects, collaborations with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, among others), but also French song (Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs), film music (composer for the film Barbara by Mathieu Amalric in 2017), etc. And the public follows, because at each performance it puts its listeners in a situation in which the musical evidence (fantasy covers of known themes) balances with the unexpected blessed. The one who for ten years has completely renewed the language of the accordion is now an essential artist.

The accordionist arrives at #PIF2022 together with guitarist Federico Casagrande, an Italian who has lived in Paris for many years, and Ziv Ravitz, an Israelian drummer residing in New York. A hybrid trio of guitar, drums and accordion, in which each can take the place of the other to become a soloist, rhythmist, colorist, etc. Whether it is enigmatic, dreamlike, electronic, explosive, colorful, silent, everything is allowed and left to the free arbitration of each of the three protagonists.

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