An inclusive and explosive WOW Folk Festival

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From Friday to Sunday three days of quality with Ayom, Juan D’Arienzo and Cantamaggio

An inclusive and explosive Wow folk festival, a burst of energy that returns to envelop the city with a transversal program in genres, contents and guests’ origins. Three days of quality and free shows, under the aegis of the International Accordion Award, set by the Department of Culture from Friday to Sunday to fill the square with sounds, vibrations and experiences. But not only. This third edition will have its heart in the traditional locations of the historic center, but it promises to be full of news and diffusion, also expanding in the neighborhoods thanks to the rediscovery of the “Cantamaggio”.
Program opening under the banner of the popular soul, declined on Friday 24 (21.30, Piazza della Repubblica) by the Ayom quintet, a multicultural union of two projects: the energy of the Forró Miór (Alberto Becucci on the accordion, Pedro Bastos on the guitars, Timoteo Grignani alla zabumba and percussions and Walter Martins on the triangle and percussion) meets the poetic strength of the Afro-Brazilian singer Jabu Morales, proposing a music without borders with Brazilian sounds, contaminated by the rhythms of the African diaspora with Mediterranean melodic influence.
A special value is assumed then by the day on Saturday 25, which in conjunction with the national holiday “El dia della patria” will host artists of Argentine nationality starting from the Orquesta Tipica Juan D’Arienzo, considered one of the best tango groups in the world . Events broadcast also in Argentina in connection with the Milonga of the end of the world of Ushuaia. To open the exhibition (17.30), the exhibition of the L’Oltretango tangotherapy association led by Roberto Nicchiotti, a practical demonstration open to all on how dance breaks down physical and cognitive barriers: among the dancers also the European paralympic champions of tango Elisa Pascali, Federico Morgagni and Ilaria Sani. At 18.00, the duo formed by Martin Diaz Gonzales and Andres Langer will propose a path in the folk music of the country of origin and to embellish an afternoon devoted to tango, the participation (7.00 pm) of the masters Adriano Mauriello and Flamina Candelori, who will introduce the intervention by the extraordinary Juan D’Arienzo with the voice of Giacomo Medici. The evening part is reserved for the “Noche milongera” organized by Tango di Marca in collaboration with the Proloco. In the Auditorium San Francesco (21.30) an Argentine milonga will be set up, during which fans will be able to dance on the notes of the orchestra La Juan D’Arienzo, which will have as invited singers Giacomo Medici and Fernando Rojas. At the console, the Tj Alice Mazzanti (admission 15 euros subject to availability with free drinks). At the same time (10.00 pm) in the Piazza della Repubblica concert “Mannarino band e dintorni” with Alex Berti and his band.
On the final day of Sunday 26th, music and folklore spread from 9.00 am thanks to the spontaneous groups participating in the Cantamaggio which in collaboration with Simone Bompadre and Roberto Raponi of the Vincantos will bring slight songs of joy and love that celebrate the advent of spring, performing the traditional begging among the districts and then gather together at 5.00 pm in the square to perform on stage and dance until around 8.00 pm.

* In case of bad weather, the concerts take place in the Auditorium San Francesco

WOW Folk Festival

Orquesta Tipica Juan D’Arienzo

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