Tradition and innovation, pride and identity: a dynamic museum projected into the future

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A new look for a treasure that projects itself into the future, narrating two centuries of history, intelligence, industriousness linked to the instrument that has shaped the economy, culture and identity of an entire district: the International Accordion Museum of Castelfidardo has reopened to the public on a day of legitimate pride and satisfaction. “Today we’re talking about tradition and innovation: after 39 years we have decided to carry out a necessary restyling to enhance a flagship for Castelfidardo and for the entire region that preserves two centuries of artisan excellence – said the mayor Roberto Ascani -.

It is no a coincidence that the Municipalities that have received benefit and well-being from the accordion sector were present: Camerano, Sirolo, Numana, Osimo, Loreto, Recanati. This intervention is part of an overall project that sees us involved in the procedures to include the accordion in the Unesco heritage and of which another testimony is the preview of the video-documentary produced by Sky arte which will be ready within the year “.

The works involved both structural and logical aspects, carrying out for the first time a cataloging of the heritage according to Mibact (the Ministry of artistic and cultural heritage) canons, bringing to light the seventeenth-century walls and making the rooms where they were located a larger space, as explained by the director Christian Riganelli: 130 specimens and seven exhibition rooms organized by thematic areas: Gervasio Marcosignori, artisan creativity, great musicians, Paolo Soprani, Italian builders, accordion in the world and Astor Piazzolla.

So, inspirations and feelings come together in the Museum. “From the sacred fig tree to the castrum and the Risorgimento, our is a territory where generations of people have succeeded one another up to us, breathing this air and having it inside. Since the mid-19th century, the history of Castelfidardo has been marked by the invention of the accordions, by the talent and genius of characters such as Pasquale Ficosecco, Paolo Soprani, his brother Settimio Soprani and internationally renowned musicians such as Gervasio Marcosignori who have allowed Castelfidardo to overcome geographical boundaries.

And it is precisely to them and to this instrument, unmistakable in its sound, inimitable in its mechanics and unique in its form, that after 30 years, thanks to community, regional and municipal funds and not least company donations and private individuals, through the art bonus, we wanted to make this museum space a place of dynamic memory, music, practice and events », underlined the councilor Ruben Cittadini.

A requalification also pushed by the Marche Region which in the context of a special law conceived to ensure that the accordion is the symbolic instrument of the Marche in the world, has made available 150 thousand euros. “I hope that the new regional council will continue this commitment – underlined the regional councilor Moreno Pieroni – thus continuing to give impulse to the related industries that are giving employment in particular to the southern valley of Ancona but also to many other Marche people”.

Also present at the ceremony were the founders Vincenzo Canali and Beniamino Bugiolacchi who recalled how the idea was born “before 1981, when we brought instruments and documents to the Milan Music Show and the Pescara Friendship Festival. A few months later Vincenzo Canali, president of the Proloco at the time, wrote to Enzo Tortora to be invited to Portobello. Together we went to Milan to the Rai 2 studios and the episode of 1981, February 20th, had a boom in viewers, 20 million of contacts including Giuseppe Panini: from there, in just three months, we officially opened ».

From the On. Mirella Emiliozzi and On. Luigi Gallo (Members of Parliament), the invitation to all the “Municipalities of the Marche because everyone has a treasure and these treasures should be valued just like Castelfidardo did” and the idea of ​​”rethinking all-round relaunch interventions in the cultural sector: it would be nice to bring these ancients back into the code of musical instruments and create a network of museums in the Marche, so that a tourist can visit them all even in one day ».

According to Massimo Pigini, president of Music Marche (a relevant producers association of Castelfidardo), “There is a strong bond between past and future, showing what our fathers and even before our grandparents did and what we can do today with our passion and our capacity. This is the most beautiful and important aspect of this museum, apart the fact that it will bring many tourists to the city: it is an unmissable documentation that tells a story that is still alive, looking to the future and not just a collection of the past “.

To seal these words, the departure of the PIFaround “Pentagrams on pedals”, that tomorrow will bring a group of artists and professionals from Castelfidardo to Klingenthal by bicycle, opening the bellows and pushing on the pedals.

Accordion Museum opening hours: 9.30-12.30. 16.00-19.00

Info: 0717808288

(courtesy by Lucia Flauto, Castelfidardo Press Office)

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