The PIF doesn’t stop, confirmed the composition competition

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Does the PIF2020 stop?
How will this year’s edition take place?
Will streaming hearings be possible?
These are the recurring questions that we are receiving from the PIF community, from all of you.

Rational questions, given the extraordinary situation we are facing.
That is, such an important situation never occurred before, the COVID19 pandemic.

It is not easy to give answers in this situation, but we are proud to say that we are never closer than ever.
As evidenced by the wide series of contacts coming from all over the world. It’s incredible.

Masters, music schools, artists and lovers of the most beautiful instrument in the world are showing us how we are incredibly united to preserve as much as possible the tradition of past years.

A belief that honors us and that, at the same time, makes us responsible for choosing the best way to realize this year’s edition.

 In agreement with the municipal administration of Castelfidardo, we will progressively announce certain events, leaving the door open to any, and due, additions and variations.

Anyway, we will not do anything that would hurts teachers, candidates and our loving public.
If the conditions will permits, we will do a full edition, if it will be not not possible, we will organize events in safety and in safe places. If the impediments will be impossible, we will limit the appointments open to the public, evaluating each case.

At the moment, we confirm the following initiatives, as already planned:

Castelfidardo, with its companies, intends to remain the center of gravity of the accordion.
A uniqueness that goes well with the role that the city has had in the path that brought Italy to Unity, with a battle that it’s passed in the history books.

Our main obligation will therefore be total to guarantee an to build an interesting rich edition of values, ​​the ones that have always distinguished the ciPIF and the city of Castelfidardo, even if we will have to fight a battle towards bureaucratic difficulties that the moment imposes.

At the moment, the dates of PIF2020 remain confirmed – from September, 16th to 20th – with our promise about immediate and constant updates on our website. About this, please visit it regularly and read the dedicated newsletters.


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