The PIF consecrates the talent of Radu Ratoi on his 21st birthday

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Last year he had gone very close, taking second place both in the Award category and in the classical master; this time it surpassed the competition with class and arrogance by enrolling Moldova for the first time in the gold register of Pif and celebrating the 21st birthday on the stage of the Astra theater as best it could not. Castelfidardo consecrates Radu Ratoi, a native of Chisinau, a pupil of master Geir Draugsvoll at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, already winner of numerous competitions, from the Coupe Mondiale to the World Trophee. A complete performer technically and musically, able to impose himself last Thursday in the “virtuoso master” section and to repeat himself on yesterday’s gala night playing with his “piano” accordion the obligatory piece composed by Dražan Kosorić: a bench challenging test, characterized by frequent changes of rhythmic activity and relentless dialogues between the soloist and the splendid symphonic orchestra of the Tosti theater of Ortona conducted by the maestro Paolo Angelucci. Ratoi (score 58.43) preceded the Chinese Zhang Zhyiuan (57.97) and the Kazakh Olzhas Nurlanov (56.95), the last of the finalists to perform and perhaps the most applauded by the public.

Among the most exciting moments of the final evening, the special mention for the delightful Accordion duo of the Russian sisters Ottich, the youngest in the competition, who faced the scene in perfect harmony and personality and the awarding of Matilde Mazzarolo, the little Treviso girl who she was awarded the drawing competition she joined with the hope (realized) of being able to donate to the little brother the instrument offered by the company Paolo Soprani. The premiere of “Pinocchio suite”, a fairy tale written for children but directed at adults, masterfully performed by the artistic director Renzo Ruggieri with Simone Ripa’s orchestra and illustrations, has further embellished an excellent edition, lived through the theme of the fairy tales with an eye for future generations. «I wanted a party with large numbers, quality in concerts and auditions and so it was: we perform a year-long team work with results in terms of participation of the artists and the public that repay us for every effort: the choice to innovate and to open to all kinds of pay. Reviewing the Astra theater so full is one of the most beautiful flashes that I will carry in my heart, “said maestro Ruggieri. Overall, the International Accordion Award has consolidated established trends and schools: Russia has brought home three successes, including two in the classic, leaving the under 12 to China; a victory each for France, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Serbia, while Italy can be proud of Sofia Santorelli (master Tomassetti’s pupil), first among the virtuous student 12, of Leonardo Rondolone (Marcosignori award and virtuoso junior) and of exploits in the world music of Rosario Russo, Giuseppe Pio Schettini and Giuseppe Trivigno. Enthusiastic balance of the mayor Roberto Ascani and councilor Ruben Cittadini, at the helm of the organizational machine that had its fulcrum in Municipal Administration, Pro Loco, Communication Empathy and volunteers with the indispensable support of companies in the sector, Region, Province, Chamber of Commerce, Carilo Foundation and various sponsors. «Many musicians have honored this 44th edition to be defined as international with a capital” I “, because it had 248 members and 63 jurors from 34 countries and 5 continents, New Zealand included and with South Africa for the first time: data showing how the Pif is one of the most appreciated reviews in the world and the accordion is a universal language capable of uniting. We have tried to offer an increasingly better reception network, also giving a small sign of eco-sustainability. They were five wonderful days, full of emotions, which make us proud of what we managed to build and propose: from the wonderful musical result of the collaboration between Compagnia della Rancia and the Marcosignori Association, to the memories dedicated to the master Gervasio, from the fantastic jazz evening and a Night of music full of energy », the comment of the mayor Ascani.

(Lucia Flauto)

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