The accordion sublimates the music

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It is the synthesis of a history of just under 160 years and contained in the documentary that on May, Sunday 9th broadcasted in Sky Arte program at 9.15 pm on Sky channels 120 and 400. The subject is as exceptional as the narrative voice which is that of a great musician from the Marches, like the bellows and ante that have marked, and still mark, the history of the world accordion: Raphael Gualazzi.

During the program, the legendary, technical and artistic story of the product par excellence made in Castelfidardo unfolds with the contribution of the Accordion Museum, an exceptional collection of instruments from every era that fascinates eyes and hearts.

In a completely renovated environment for the … fortieth anniversary of the inauguration which took place on May 9, 1981, the museum collection boasts specimens ranging from the faithful reproduction of the Renaissance “Leonardo da Vinci accordion” to those of the latest generation, passing through the specimens that belonged to legendary artists and even to a Garibaldian. An extraordinary story of men, ingenuity and territory to be touched by hand while waiting to see it recognized as an intangible heritage of UNESCO.

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