The accordion of the future in a book

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The “City of Castelfidardo” Prize has in its DNA the aggregation of multiple areas and international backgrounds and as such it cannot escape from stimulating the development and improvement of the “accordion” instrument.

This year #PIF2020 will promote the edition with a book entitled “ACCORDION: THE COLORS THAT WILL COME” with the contributions of several protagonists, such as builders, artists, teachers, operators in the sector and all those people who love Accordion. We will therefore ask everyone to try their support at this adventure, collecting impressions, documenting the critical issues and, above all, offering their experiences with a view to “dreaming”, because the dream – even when it seems impossible to achieve – always shows new paths and new perspectives to follow.

Prestigious memberships have already arrived, among which we highlight the commitment of the NCDMI (New Italian Musical Didactic Center) which is already processing the results of a proposal that involves students of schools of all levels. In the “design” field, we have an institute that will make the ideas of its young students available. Even in the popular sphere, all the people are invited to interview all the professional figures, with the aim of reaching all highlighting sides of the noble and difficult art of the accordionists.

This editorial project will be coordinated by #PIF2020 Castelfidardo about the organizational aspect, by the authors for the texts and by the sponsors whom, we thank in advance, for the production costs. The work will be published in Italian and English, as well as providing a digital version (PDF) which can be downloaded for free from our website. We will include articles with the most original and most interesting ideas, and we are sure that every accordionist will have the curiosity to read this intriguing work.

We therefore invite you to contact our artistic direction by writing to in order to report your topics and, always welcome, suggestions.

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