The accordion and the unification of Italy

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Just 160 years ago, on March 17, 1861, United Italy and the first, great Fidardian epic were born. Six months earlier, in fact, in the Selva di Castelfidardo, not far from the farmhouses of the peasants that dotted the Valmusone, what history, from then on, would have considered the decisive battle for the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy had been fought.
From one of those farmhouses, two years later, the extraordinary epic of the accordion of Castelfidardo will start: a very young Paolo Soprani, was building his first instrument.
The history of Italy and that of the accordion have crossed several times since the Risorgimento and they will do so in a particular way on the occasion of the 46th PIF – International Accordion Award of Castelfidardo.
Over a century and a half ago, Italy “woke up” regaining its freedom after centuries of foreign domination just as it will “wake up” today, freeing itself from the anguish generated by a cursed virus that has invaded places, bodies and even consciences. Once again, the accordion will play the charge, an instrument that embodies the best of the Italian genius loci: exceptional creativity and dexterity, the ability to make high and low harmonics in an infinite number of combinations that can touch the hearts of every part world.
We like to think that, like every year, when the world of the Accordion awakens its most authentic essence on the occasion of PIF, among the notes that are born by mixing the white and black of the buttons on the keyboard, there is that clear and ringing A that preludes upon the awakening of a world of art and of men finally returned free.

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