Saturday 21st: big day at the International Accordion Prize

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Jazz, funk, discomusic, rock, tango and street band: a night of music


A night of intensely lived music, a rainbow of harmonies that have intertwined in the historic center while auditions of competitors entered in the world section and PIF have continued in the auditoriums. Highlight of the International Accordion Award, a mind-boggling Saturday night: five locations, a plurality of genres and combinations for all tastes with free admission. Absolutely painting is the exceptional quartet that from 7.00 pm in piazza della Repubblica proposed extracts from its own EP in harmonic version thanks to the participation of maestro Luigino Pallotta alongside Luca Galassi (guitar), Gianluigi Mandolini (drums) and Alessandro Nardi (bass) while Hisako Mori transformed the sound energy released into painting by combining colors and expressive subjects. At 9.00 pm, the “final” of the world music and at 10.30 pm the spectacular performance of the P-Funking band, a brass and percussion street brass band that included the accordion with surprising choreographies and grooves, blending music, dance and movement in its performances: a fresh, original and explosive mix of funk, disco music, hip hop, soul, rhythm’n’blues and jazz revisited in a marching key. Simultaneously, the Gryphus Dixie band animated the Porta Marina Gardens: six artists who brought the jazz of the origins from the banks of the Mississippi through historical pieces. In the same setting, at 10.30pm, smooth lovers danced with the Mario Riccardi orchestra, which has the merit of having contributed to the evolution of dance music in the nineties, emancipating it from Romagna folklore with new rhythms and arrangements. At 10.30 pm, in the Auditorium San Francesco, we tightened instead in “The embrace of the tango: when music and dance are colored with passion”, with the Argentine singer Fabian who led in a journey of notes, poetry and dance. At the Irish Pub O’Brian (22.30), Mannarino & dintorni, a live show by Alessandro Berti centered on the successes of the Roman singer, while at 24.00 the party ended at the On Stage in via Soprani with the Montefiori Cocktail, among the biggest Italian representatives of the easy-listening current with a style inspired by the 60s and 70s, the cult soundtracks, TV commercials and classics.

But the day has been a triumph of notes and events since the morning under the direction of Comune, Pro Loco and the artistic director Renzo Ruggieri. The Pif Academy at 9.30am at the Salone degli Stemmi was with the well-known journalist and critic Gerlando Gatto on the “accordion in jazz: from simple color to leading instrument” while at 3.00pm the Nuovo Cdmi presented publications by Miranda Cortes (“The inevitable meeting “) and on” The streets of the interpreter “. The 12pm AperiPif in the Auditorium Binci enhanced the talent of the young Polish Bartosz Kolsut (prize concert in collaboration with Vilnius) and the wine and food excellences of Vinarmonica with the oenologist Daniele Fava , the bartender Beniamino Canafoglia, the chef Marco Rossi and the typical products offered by SìconTe, Poldo, FiorettiBrera, Fiordigrano and Biologically. Virtuosity duo, the jazz-tango duo Riccardo Taddei-Roman Gomes, and again, free lessons at the civic Soprani music school (from 4 pm to 7 pm), taken introduction of the book by Antonello Lamanna “Calabria Sound System” to the Aleph bookshop (5.30pm), concert and presentation of the cd by Cesare Sampaolesi (classical guitar) with an introductory report on the figure of Luigi Mozzani and the Italian guitar of the early 1900s by Vincenzo Ruggiero and Francesco Ricci at the Great Accordion Laboratory Francenella (18.30) and in the Auditorium San Francesco from 6.30 pm Pietro Roffi’s electronic accordion concert and then the classic one by the French Christine Rossi.

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