PIF2018: between vision and amarcord

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PIF Castelfidardo between vision and amarcord. Quadrupla interview by AD Ruggeri, the multifaceted director of #PIF2018 to his predecessors: Paolo Picchio, musicologist and President of the Music Marche consortium; Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, lecturer and concert artist; Roberto Lucanero, concert artist, teacher, ethnomusicologist, composer; Christian Riganelli, concert artist, lecturer… director of the International Museum of the Accordion of Castelfidardo.


Picchio: From 1991 to 2013

Pietrodarchi: In 2015 for the 40th anniversary of the PIF

Lucanero: In the 39th edition, year 2014

Riganelli: In the 2016 and 2017 editions


Picchio: Yes, I experienced really exciting moments.

Pietrodarchi: It was a beautiful experience, very intense, I spent a lot of time and energy to build and give an impression.

Lucanero: I would not do it again. From the first moment I told the mayor Soprani that he proposed the task that I would accept for one year only. My professional interests in this period of my life are others: teaching music and playing concerts.

Riganelli: I would gladly do it again. The artistic direction of an important prize like that of Castelfidardo leads you to know and have contacts with hundreds of people whom, like myself, live on music and love the accordion.


Picchio: Today there is a lot of fragmentation and confusion, to be honests, not only in the musical environment but in every human activity.

Pietrodarchi: I don’t believe in accepting a new assignment: I gave it my vision, and then it is right to give space to other visions and other ideas.

Lucanero: Inside the PIF things have not changed so much: to change the contents of the PIF I think it will be necessary to change the container, or the general concept. I think this change is desirable, but when I did the artistic director, this goal was not on the agenda of the Castelfidardo City Council. They asked me to maintain continuity with the past, giving my personal touch. That’s what I did. To do this, in my opinion, a year’s work would have been enough. That’s why I stayed a year!

Riganelli: In recent years, things have radically changed not only in the world of the accordion but throughout the music scene. Who better knows how to read the present and adapt to new scenarios will have one more chance.


Picchio: To stay more and more inside other musical instruments and other forms of artistic expression and always have a new repertoire of quality.

Pietrodarchi: It needs to get closer and closer to other tools, however we have to recognize what in recent years there has been a great evolution!

Lucanero: The future accordion does not need anything! I think instead that the future world has a great need for accordion and its symbolic, cultural, musical significance. I therefore think that we accordion players have a great responsibility: we have a duty to be good people and good musicians!

Riganelli: In Italy, at the basic level of didactics we should work for the diffusion and the knowledge of an instrument still little practiced by the new generations, with respect to, for example, the piano and the guitar. Thinking of the professional concert sector, I hope that the new generations are technically and culturally prepared so that they can share the stage with great names of the piano, the violin, the singing, perhaps struggling with new repertoires.


Picchio: To listen more the various souls and the various protagonists of the accordion world and not to confine themselves in a merely decisional role.

Pietrodarchi: You have to travel a lot to promote all that is the PIF in the various musical institutions in Italy and abroad, try to attract not only professionals and competitors but also many fans who love this wonderful tool! We need to relate a lot with everyone and not just remains inside of our own opinion!

Lucanero: Dear Renzo, you are one of the best and most charismatic accordionists in the world; you have a passion for music and for our incomparable instrument; you know Castelfidardo, its history, its factories and its men more than anyone else. So I think you do not need advice on what to do and what to avoid: you already know!

Riganelli: The AD of the Castelfidardo Award represents all the variegated and heterogeneous world of the accordion, so I would suggest to listen and pick up moods and suggestions that will come from everywhere. But I would avoid being conditioned and I would to think about artistic choices that I really believe.

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