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PIF2018 setting the rules (REGULATION): more rewards, more opportunities, more organization for a cocktail of proposals for the entrants and the audience. The PIF2018 regulation are launched after an ilistening campaign by the artistic director Renzo Ruggeri.

The introduction of the Classic Composition category is important to promote the birth of new repertoires: the winning score will be the mandatory piece in the third round of the Premio category. (READ)

“Let the music play for many people as possible” says maestro Ruggeri, communicating the reason why of this new course. The news also concerns the auditions: the rounds is longer and more finalists performing before the gala concerts.

Increase the prize money and the concert performances for the Premio category, the flagship of the PIF; increase the prize money in the Virtuoso and World sections; increase the categories, renamed for the non-professionals audience.

Master, Junior, Student designate the various age groups of each section. “We want more audience also at the auditions that must easily identify the type of artistic offer – says maestro Ruggeri – We have also added some categories in the Virtuoso and World sections to open to the youngers”.

Requests to participate are encouraged by extending the deadline (August 31) and confirming the hospitality for the first 100 entrants. “We encourage participation, but we need some more certainty – says PIF2018 artistic director – The registration fees (30 euro for soloists and 50 for ensembles) should contain the last minute defections allowing a better organization of the auditions for which we expect a different draw mechanism: the order will be a draw for each category”.

The news dont stop. Castelfidardo work hard 43rd edition of the maximum competition for accordionists: take a look at pifcastelfidardo.it

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