#PIF2018 presents “the aces”: Caputo, Molinari, Monina and Toccaceli

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Take one of the most esteemed and pungent music critics, add a famous artist for the swing of the “An Italian Saturday”; put one of the most beautiful female voices of the jazz scene shaked with an emerging author-director of the “fidardense”origins.

Insert the musical accompaniment of a refined quartet, the bubbles of Alici & Calici and the game is done: the International Accordion Prize opens in an effervescent way. The stars of the opening night of Wednesday 12 (from 19:00, Piazza della Repubblica, free admission) are Michele Monina, Sergio Caputo, Simona Molinari and Mattia Toccaceli, protagonists at 21:00 of an unprecedented musical talk… show set in the gastronomic offer of wines and blue fish in collaboration with “O’Brian Iris Pub” and “Marchigianamente”

“An original ceremony designed for a particular edition of the PIF, whose characteristic features remains the quality and internationality coupled with tradition but projected to the future pushing the mix between genres”, explain the Mayor Roberto Ascani and the Culture Assessor Ruben Cittadini. To introduce guests, the parade with the flags of all the countries participating in the Prize & Competition, of the students of the M° Luigino Pallotta, part of the 3^ and 4^ classes of the Sant’Anna Institute that follow the accordion orchestra project by of the “Soprani civic school of music” thanks to the scholarship in memory of Mimmo Orlandoni. Following, the talk show that the conductor, Mattia Toccaceli presents: “An evening dedicated to music, young people, distinguished guests and their stories, the city mother of an instrument that can expand to the world of pop and have a breath increasingly broader and more mainstream “. An evening full of surprises, in which the young author and former Meucci filmmaker, well-known on the most important national radio and TV channels, will involve the unpredictable guests in improvisations with the Calambre quartet composed by Luigino Pallotta (accordion), Luca Catena (violin) ), Marco Lorenzetti (percussions) and Claudio Mangialardi.

Sergio Caputo, known for having smashed at Sanremo and at the Festivalbar with “Il Garibaldi in love” and “Italiani mambo”, is the symbol of a figure that has its roots in jazz and ranges in Latin rhythms with an unusual and innovative use of language literary that draws from the everyday; Roman, he moved to California in ’99, forging excellent collaborations and returning recently to Italy. “When in 1983 his “An Italian Saturday” exploded – observes Toccaceli – Simona Molinari was born, a classical training artist, an exceptional voice, faithful to a value and a style mainly swing and jazz that led her to important affirmations”. To feed the debate, the “worst Italian music critic for excellence”, the writer and author Michele Monina, whose knowledge, irony and culture in the round will keep the interest very strong, announcing: “the accordion I like red blood “…

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