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#PIF2018 have new category Composition. In order to encourage the creation of new repertoires, the composers are invited by the artistic Director Renzo Ruggieri (INTERVISTA) to present our score for the CLASSICAL CATEGORY COMPOSITION.
The special section was created to enhance the excellence also in the composition so as to produce literature for accordion. The entrants in third round of #PIF2018 Premio Category first performing the piece with orchestra.“The composition must be unpublished (under penalty of exclusion, ed), have a duration of between 5 and 8 minutes and contain at least one “solo” part for accordion. “I expect many composer to seize this opportunity: the string orchestra and a piano and a percussionist can also be combined with the accordion, thus exploring similar sounds to various artistic sensibilities “.
Three compositions will be selected from those sent to pifcastelfidardo.it (SUBSCRIPTION NOW) deadline April 15, 2018. There are scholarships, artistic medals and, for the winner, a first performance on the prestigious stage of Castelfidardo.

from #PIF2018 Regulations


In order to encourage the creation of new repertoires, composers are invited to write a work for ACCORDION & STRING ORCHESTRA, to which it is possible to add a Piano and a Percussionist. The composition must never have been performed in public, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Free registration.

The composer must remember that the winning piece will be performed by the candidates admitted to the THIRD ROUND of the PREMIO category (2018), as well as the following indications:
– total duration between minimum 5 and maximum 8 minutes;
– must contain at least one “solo” part for accordion;
– the soloists will perform only one rehersals with the orchestra before the final performance.

Composers are invited to send their composition by form on pifcastelfidardo.it (SUBSCRIPTION NOW) no later than 15th April 2018 in PDF format (full score WITHOUT NAME OF THE AUTHOR and full score WITH NAME, the single parts will be requested later) and an MP3 audio demo performed live or by music software.

. artistic medal
. scholarship of 1000,00 EURO (pre-tax)
. the composition will become the obligatory piece of the third round for the “Premio” category

. artistic medal
. scholarship of 500,00 EURO (pre-tax)

. artistic medal
. scholarship of 250,00 EURO (pre-tax)


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