PIF2018 has the new AD: Renzo Ruggieri

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Change of the guard At PIF . The artistic direction goes to a polyhedric music master from Abruzzo.

Renzo Ruggieri, class of ’65, from Roseto degli Abruzzi, is the new artistic director of PIF2018, 43rd edition of the International Accordion Award “Città di Castelfidardo”, (from 10 to 16 September). The news arrives while preparations are underway for next Christmas, which this year will be to the rhythm of jazz.

Renzo Ruggeri is well accustomed for jazz rhythms, given his musical experience in first person viewing also to the amount of projects that he dedicated to jazz. Says Renzo “I believe that the Castelfidardo International Prize is the most important accordion event in the world, both for the level of quality achieved and for the creation of absolute musical masterpieces making, the result of an industrial craftsmanship that the whole world envy us. The artistic direction offered to me by the Mayor Roberto Ascani and the Councilor for Culture Ruben Cittadini fills me with pride and invests me with a big responsibility”.

And about any his impression about the right way for an international event, says “My approach will be respectful of the past. In this regard, I will soon meet the previous artistic directors to compare with their experiences even if I can anticipate some fundamental pillars of my thinking: expand the visibility of the tool that will bring benefits to all sector operators, more interest around the event “tout court” and a great social sharing “from below”, on the social networks for all the news of the program. My artistic line want to get curious and excite so … get ready!”.

Therefore new artistic line  for the Castelfidardo City Council, always present when territorial promotion and city branding it comes to. The Council of the mayor Ascani and of the Culture councilor Cittadini agrees: to support innovation and tradition of the PIF event, needs constantly investing in new and quality. Mayor Ascani says “We believe we are not wrong when we say that culture with a capital C, starts with what one has, even if they were small things. And Castelfidardo has more than small things, has always been the city of accordion and musical instruments. We hope that Castelfidardo will become the center and motor of a wider cultural territorial movement. I wish that Renzo, sending him a big good luck to his job, will build it well”.

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