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“My mother tells me that she has a continuous accordion concert going through the street and many of my relatives worked at Scandalli.” For Maestro Angelo Biancamano, the 42nd PIF Jury President, to be born and live in Camerano, land of historical musical instruments factories, is not a secondary factor in choosing music for our life  (VIDEO INTERVIEW). He’s a teacher of Theory, Rhythm and Musical Perception at the prestigious “Gioacchino Rossini” Conservatory of Pesaro where he graduated in Composition, Choral Music and Choir Direction and Band Instrumentation. (COMPLETE CURRICULUM) Maestro Biancamano attended also the M ° Ennio Morricone seminar Of “Music for Film” at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. His production includes songs for instrumental and vocal chamber organics as well as sacred polyphony pieces for mixed chorus, published with Carrara, Berben, Sonitus editions. He is the director of the Choir “Città di Camerano”.
Diatessaron, the PIF2017 mandatory piece that Master Biancamano has dedicated to his wife, was inspired by the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, the first of europeans intellectuals to be concerned with music and the relationship between the scale sounds. “Some of the terms coined by Pythagoras like diapason (the octave interval) are still in use – the Maestro explains – In the composed song for PIF2017, the fourth interval that Pythagoras defines diatessaron is very present and I chose to give this title to a piece where the cadence of the accordion begins with a double interval of fourth ” (DOWNLOAD mp3 only orchestraDOWNLOAD mp3 accordion and orchestra).
Director of Orchestra and Composer, Maestro Biancamano is also a teacher at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, a role that he holds a lot. “In introducing myself to the admission exam in 1977, I dreamed of coming back as a teacher,” she said, “it was a great emotion to see it accomplished.” A vocation to teaching so deep and rooted that for the master a great musician, as well as his talent and exercise, has much to his teachers. “A good master? My ideal rankings see him in the first place followed by study and talent, because he knows how to teach you to study and value your talents. ”
Who, then, better than the music of a “maestro-composer” will know how to express the “talents” of the Premio category to PIF2017? (SUBSCRIPTION)

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