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The International Prize of the City of Castelfidardo accordion, organized by the Administration of Castelfidardo Municipal under the artistic direction of M° Christian Riganelli presents, on the occasion of the 42nd edition, an ambitious program and even more concrete initiatives in favor of local companies, with Castelfidardo like a capital of music offering synergies with the municipalities of Camerano, Numana, Recanati being presented.

Many initiatives are boiling in the pot, for arts, handcrafts, industrial and promotional actions such as the rationalization of the categories, the enlargement of the boundaries and opportunities for the 42nd edition of the prize that wants to take the opportunities to animates initiatives to enhancing the entire local productions and for tourism also.
A contact with the industrial and tourism operators is expected within the end of February, on behalf of the Administration, to agree the participation in the “widespread” event this year.

To the Potential PIF partners 

The 42nd edition of the PIF International Accordion Prize is scheduled for September 10 to 17, 2017. The concept of the event will be made public soon. It remains that the accordion is the best way to unite different peoples and cultures, social classes, religions, political beliefs. This ethics to belong the PIF adheres.

PIF2017 invites everyone, especially the citizens of the Adriatic macro-region, to consider the importance of the accordion as an instrument to build an identity platform for popular cultures that are the basis of the different traditions of european and, better, global borders.

PIF2017, as in past editions, aims to bring Castelfidardo like the city symbol of quality accordion and exploitation of young talents in the interests of human and territorial growth without boundaries.

For this, we invite you to consider a real participation in the promotion of the event PIF, by the details that you may require to our mail.

All the news about the PIF promotion strategies will be available soon through his social life or visiting this official site, watching and sending your films to fisarmonica.tv, posting your like (or not) on our Facebook, tweets on Twitter, or by sending photos via email or Pinterest. All submitted contents will be published with your name.

For initiatives related to personalized products with the logo of your company, you can refer to the merchandising area for models or always requiring a direct contact at our email.

Finally, we are available for special programs dedicated to companies, organizations, associations, private individuals, not only of the accordion industry, wishing to take advantage of the territorial value of the accordion instrument, in particular those provided for “the territorial area” of this year.

Send your request here without obligation.
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