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After the Jazz Accordion Festival, from 11th to 14th May 2017 another card is added to the exciting and varied puzzle of the events promoted by PIF Castelfidardo to enhance the accordion. The first WOW Folk Festival (where wow is the acronym of World On World) collects the fruits of the popular tradition of which the diatonic accordion is the queen. A rich calendar of free admission events including storytellers, folklore performances, free folk dance lessons, concerts, pizzica and taranta from Salento. Preview on April 28th with the double concert of Orquestrina Trama.

“Folk is a musical genre that is increasingly appreciated by young people for its ability to be a vehicle of union through jubilant dances that evoke an ancestral dimension,” commented the councilor of culture Ruben Cittadini, who chose the Castelfidardo square as its main location. “We like the idea of ​​grouping the accordion souls into a multifaceted box that enhances the instrument and the artists and the idea of ​​direct involvement to the audience. Not the classic relationship between audience and artist, but a passage of vital energy Dancing to the sound of the organ and the drummer “.
WOW Folk Festival is organized in partnership with Gianni Donnini and Federico Cippitelli, leaders of the Traballo and with the contribution of the companies Baffetti, Beltuna Bugari, Castagnari, Zerosette, hotel restaurant I Cugini and Pizzeria restaurant La Grotta.

May 11th – Piazza della Repubblica
21.30 – On Stage club – “I passeri Solitari Oniric folk”
22.30 – On Stage club – Oniric Folk

May 12th – Piazza della Repubblica 
6.30 pm Aperitif in the square accompanied by the group of stewards “Grazie Grazià”
21.30 pm “Li Pistacoppi” folklore group show from Macerata

Saturday May 13th – Piazza della Repubblica 
from 16.00 Folk Open Day: the discovery of the bal folk: f
ree lessons in partnership with the teachers of Marche region popular dances

16.00 Paolo Polverini (The sky in a dance)
16.20 Lorena Gresta (danzintondo)
16.40 Pino Peacock (Ancona popular bals)
17.00 Giulia Gioacchini (poetry of the feet-ethnic fermentation)
17.20 Federico Cippitelli (folk in progress)
17.40 Claudia Gentili (traballo-trivittori)
18.00 Gianni Donnini (traballo-the country of a thousand dances)
18.20 Valeria Ripanti (val.folk)
18.40 Thomas Bertuccioli (“viva el bal”, popular dance Pesaro)
19.00 Jam Folk Session
20.30 Dinner in the square with street food and the restaurants
21.30 Traballo group in concert 

Sunday, May 14th
22.00 Piazza della Repubblica

Giancarlo Paglialunga, Giuseppe Anglano, Massimiliano De Marco, Giulio Bianco, present a show of Salento music ranging from dance to love songs and pinch. The voices, tambourine, accordion and organ, guitar and mandolin for a trio whose members have been sailing for years in the world of folk music and collaborating with the most famous Salentini groups: from the Night of the Taranta to the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, from the Kalàscima to Ajèra Mea and Aiòresis.

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