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International Town Museum of Accordions

Museo della fisarmonicaIt is situated in the basement of the Town Hall, in the recently enlarged 17th century rooms. The Museum is dedicated to the musical instrument, which was produced for more than one century in Castelfidardo. The accordion (from German Physharmonika which is a word made up of the Greek Physa, bellows, and harmonikos – harmonious) is a musical instrument with pneumatic pressure and belongs to the family of the sound locators. It is made up of three different parts: the keyboard for the right hand, which gives the melody, the bellows and the keyboard for the left hand, which is used to accompany the sound. The soul of the accordion is the reed (the voice), which is a metal plate on which a thin steel layer is placed. It vibrates thanks to the air let in by compressing the bellows. The interesting story of the accordion started 4500 years ago, when in China the Tcheng appeared. The Tcheng was the first instrument to use the principle of a free reed, which vibrated with air. A replica of this instrument can be admired in the museum. Cyril Damian, Viennese with Armenian origin, invented the Accordeon in Paris on 6th May 1829, which was a small instrument with four octaves. This was to be the start of the creation of a musical instrument, which was completely innovative. The original patent is reproduced in a picture situated beside the entrance to the Museum, near the portrait of Paolo Soprani. In 1863 the Italian industry of the accordion was born, thanks to Paolo Soprani. He improved the Viennese patent and succeeded in making the concertina known in every street. The museum intends to document the history of a musical instrument and, at the same time it wants to thank the workers and many industrialists and craftsmen, who with their work culturally transformed the Marches region. They created an incredible richness to an economy, which had been for centuries based on agriculture. It is a very efficient didactic means, as simply looking at the instruments and the pictures, it is possible to follow the development of the instrument, the classification, those who worked and still work around this instrument. It is also possible to understand a fascinating world full of hard work and pride. The collection consists in about 300 examples, which are all different from one another. There is also the precious collection of Giuseppe Panini (unforgettable “king of stickers”, who was a real fan of the instrument). Many are unique pieces, which come from twenty-two countries. There is a good craft-workshop, which is still the same as it was at the beginning of the last century. It is a very fascinating path, which starts with the Cheng, showing the “du botte” of Soprani, the accordeon of Reisner, the Harmoniflute of Busson and the chromatic with mirrors of Dallapé. There are also wonderful pieces of inlaid work by Pasquale Ficosecco and the first pieces by Hohner and the innovative changes by Zoppichini and finally the instruments owned by Fancelli, Volpi, Deiro, Kramer, Piazzolla. On the walls there is a very interesting photographic documentation starting from 1890 and ending in 1970. There are accurate copies of paintings by Giovanni Boldini, Fernand Leger, Gino Everini and Silvia Bugari. In other rooms there are sculptures by Stefano Pigini, Franco Camanari, Edgardo Mugnoz. Among the various curious things there are: a very pleasant letter by Federico Fellini, the first record where the accordion is played by Pietro Diro, the original score of “Adios Nonino” by Astor Piazzolla, etc. There are also interesting collections, which integrate the museum. The Museum is, among minor ones, one of the most visited in the Marches region (which has an average of 12,000 visitors a year).

Ticket office - from 30/03/2014 to 25/10/2014

Morning Afternoon
Monday Chiuso
Tuesday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30
Wednesday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30
Thursday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30
Friday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30
Saturday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30
Sunday 10.00/12.15 15.30/18.30

Tickets €3.00
(for groups of 20 or more € 1.50)
(school children and their carers € 1.00)
CHILDREN less than 6 years

Attention visits out of hours may be agreed with the Association of Pro-Loco (Piazza della Repubblica tel. 071 7823162)

via C. Mordini 1 - Castelfidardo (AN)
tel. +39 0717808288
fax +39 0717829357


The Civic School of Music Paolo Soprani

Civica Scuola di Musica Paolo SopraniThe Civic School of Music Paolo Soprani was born thanks to the collaboration of the town of Castelfidardo and Rossini Piano with the artistic direction of Emiliano Giaccaglia, has a range of activities suitable for all ages: classes for babies from 0-36 months, music for play for children aged 4 to 6 years and the greatest courses in piano, accordion, organ, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, classical and electric guitar, electric bass, drums, singing, modern singing, jazz singing. A distinctive feature of the Paolo Soprani is offering the chance to perform live with a band of stable school. Other valuable elements of the academy are The Academy of lyrical perfection Mario Binci, the Unison Piano Academy and Ensemble Accordeons Sopranos.

The School of Music has an agreement with the Academy of Pergolesi Without that, thanks to the results achieved each year by the number of pupils who claim ministerial examinations brilliantly, certifies and agrees with it an educational pre-academic allowing also important exchanges between the two institutions.



Office hours
Monday 16.00/19.00
Tuesday 16.00/19.00
Wednesday 16.00/19.00
Thursday 10.00/12.00
Friday 16.00/19.00

60022 Castelfidardo (AN)
Tel/fax 071-7823305

Accordéons-nous.org | Mons Festival 2015

0becf9_4c3fa0905fc54f09bde270914eb530b0.png_srz_277_273_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzFrom 10 to 12 April 2015, scheduled in Mons, Belgium, an international competition organized by the ASBL Accordéons-nous.org, ARTS2 Royal Conservatory of Mons, the City of Castelfidardo and the City of Mons that, in 2015 will be European Capital of Culture. [More Info?]

Carrefour Mondial de L'Accordéon | Montmagny - Quebec - Canada


"Le ance libere del Mediterraneo" International Festival


Prague International Accordion days

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A.B.C. Tourism Osimo

A new network of agritourism, bed and breakfast and country houses in Osimo (AN), Marche, Italy. The most significant, qualified and certified range of accomodations in the Riviera del Conero region, created to offer tourists an unforgettable stay in the lesser-known but fascinating hills of our territory. An area rich of medieval villages, historical representations, artistic and naturalistic itineraries, spiritual sites, gastronomic delights and prestigious manufacturing outlets.