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We needed many meetings to evaluate a safe and innovative PIF Edition in this difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic, still ongoing worldwide, does not allow to foresee what will happen in the upcoming months. Each country applies different restrictions that make all decisions approximate. In order to guarantee regularity and equality of conditions among the candidates, there will be a SPECIAL EDITION in two phases: SELECTIONS (with online videos) and FINAL (in live streaming or through a live audition in Castelfidardo). The event will be broadcast by the Astra Theater in Castelfidardo with professionals in the sector to guarantee the same conditions for all candidates.

The categories will be the following ones (complete regulation on www.pifcastelfidardo.it):

  • category Classical PREMIO
  • category Classical Composition (already done)
  • category Virtuoso Senior
  • category World Ensemble/Soloist
  • category Jazz Ensemble/Soloit
  • category Tango Astor Piazzolla Award
  • category Electronic Gervasio Marcosignori Award
  • category All Genres Young


Due to the exceptional conditions, it is necessary to restrict the number of applications. There will be a preliminary SELECTION that – after the international jury attentive evaluation – is going to decree the entrants admitted to the final performance. ALL THE CONCURRENTS who want to take part will have to record a video with the following features:

  • Length max 10 minutes (the cat. YOUNG max 5 minutes).
  • The candidate will perform a free programme composed by several pieces of different character (reductions of original music scores are admitted). Only one piece for the cat. YOUNG.
  • The proposed repertoire can be repeated in the final exhibition.
  • The candidate will provide, in the application form, the LINK of the VIDEO. The resposibility for the forwarded material copyright is upon the candidate.
  • The videos have to be made recording the full figure of the musician, and the repertoire and recording date must appear in the video, or as its comment.
  • Only videos recorded from January 1st 2020 will be accepted. If the organization ascertain a violation, the candidate will be excluded.
  • The quote for the preliminary selection is of €10,00 (EURO) for all categories.
  • The expiring date for the applications is fixed for August 20th 2020 for all categories.

As for the cat. YOUNG there will be no finals, instead, an online vote will be expressed: there will be a page where the videos can be watched and where visitors can vote. Please remember that the programme has to be kept within the 5 minutes limit and that it must be made of 1 piece only or 1 medley made of several connected melodies.


In the first week of September the names and related scores of the candidates selected for the final phase will be published. In order to guarantee that all candidates have equal audio quality, the final exhibitions must have the following features:

  • The candidate (or the ensemble responsible) will declare orally before the exhibiton: his/her name (or the ensemble’s name), the city of the seat where they are broadcasting from, the exact hour of the execution, the programme that will be performed.
  • As a warranty of the performance certainty – if the streaming does not grant a proper live broadcast – the candidate must provide, as soon as possible, a good quality video recording of the very same performance (also a recording from a good mobile phone will be accepted). If the candidate does not send this second check video and the live streaming has not enough quality, they can be excluded from the final list.
  • The selected SOLOISTS will be able to perform directly at the Teatro Astra in Castelfidardo, after making the due arrangements with the event organization. The ENSEMBLES cannot have this opportunity for logistic reasons. In both cases the jury will listen to all the candidates in live streaming and in a second listening through the previously forwarded video.
  • The jury will cast one single vote valid for both the live streaming performance and the received video.
  • 10 CANDIDATES will be admitted to the FINALS, for the following categories:
  • Premio, Virtuoso, World, Astor Piazzolla Award (Tango).
  • 5 CANDIDATES will be admitted to the finals, for the following categories:
  • Jazz and Gervasio Marcosignori Award (Electronic).
  • The quote for those who are admitted to the finals is fixed at €20,00 (EURO) (in addition to the €10,00 that were already paid) for all categories.

As soon as the juries will have expressed their preferences, the organization is going to contact the selected candidates to arrange technical rehearsals for the live streaming. If the candidate cannot guarantee a suitable technical quality, this one can be eliminated in favour of the following on the rank.

In Italy the pandemic is in regression and all activities are restarting thanks to laws issued by our government that guarantee the safety of citizens. We are also happy to communicate that all the companies in Castelfidardo are regularly resuming their business to build, as always, the most beautiful accordions in the world.

Auditions Programme 2020
17th September CLASSICAL 1°
18th September JAZZ, VIRTUOSO

Friday 19th june, at 18:00 PRESS CONFERENCE streaming from our internet channels in which we will illustrate (and reply via chat) the news of the new regulation.

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