PIF Around, “Women’s Love” music and poetry in Recanati

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It can only be in verses the preview of the International Accordion Award offers to Recanati, where this day it will be a great craftsmanship and production with the historical organics of Castagnari and Notturni. In the courtyard of Palazzo Venieri (Auditorium, the world’s center for poetry and culture, via Santo Stefano in case of bad weather), at 9.30 pm on Monday 11th with free admission, the cultural twinning between the home town of the anchovy and the poetry instrument gives life on the recital of which are interpreters Giacomo Rotatori and Nicholas Tiranti. “Women’s love” is a tribute to Giacomo Leopardi who explores the feminine figure in its facets: wife, mother, lover or simply friend, exalting her beauty, nobility, sensuality and passionate through readings masterfully interpreted by Nicholas’s voice.

Original and varied the choices of authors: from Pasolini to Fabio Volo, from Leopardi to Checov, in order to offer a broad and deep vision of femininity in all senses. A literary journey accompanied by a musical journey featuring Giacomo Rotatori’s accordion, which accentuates its contents, spanning a wide repertoire by Maria Berstein from the famous West Side Story, to a classic of Charles as Georgia on my both from the famous Besame Mucho written by the composer Consuelo Velasquez to an ironic talk of love Marius in which the artist from Pesaro (accompanied by extensive research in the ethnic, jazz and tango worlds) expresses all his eclecticism and versatility. Sometimes the dialogue mixes music and poetry, sometimes the voice recites in solitude and then leaves room for music: fun, ironic moments and romantic atmospheres intersect, creating a unique spectacle of its kind, the result of many different contaminations that cut the barriers between the various arts and looking for an ever more authentic originality.

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