PIF, 259 competitors at the start of an explosive edition

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Thirty nations and four continents represented, 259 members, 65 jurors, a myriad of events resulting from a team game involving institutions, companies in the sector and sponsors; four days in which the world of the accordion converges in Castelfidardo, making it more than ever the cradle of music and the reed instrument. The International Accordion Prize entered Thursday at the heart of a 44th edition of great substance. “We have been reaping the fruits of our work since last year, compared to which we register a further explosion of members, 70 more, which translates into a record of very high level commissions called to evaluate extraordinary talents,” the director underlined artistic RenzoRuggieri referring to the growing appeal of the prize & competition which today begins the auditions starting from the classical and virtuous sections. “In contrast to the last few years, we are seeing the arrival of a quadruple of students from China and for the first time the presence of an African South: Castelfidardo is confirmed as the most appreciated show in the world and the accordion is a universal language common to all peoples “, said mayor Roberto Ascani.

Among the innovations introduced, the excitement for those admitted to the second test of playing live in front of the audience of the Astra theater, “which for an accordionist is at the level of the Scala”, emphasizes Ruggieri. In parallel with the auditions, the intense day of the PIF has followed a precise and homogeneous common thread by offering rigorously free events whose showpiece was the gala evening. The peak concert scheduled at Astra was a tribute to the poet of accordion Gervasio Marcosignori: the videos produced in collaboration with the writer Sandro Strologo and the association of the same name, recalled the luminous artistic history, while two refined accordionists have represented the inspiration and evolution. Giancarlo Caporilli, the master’s close friend, embodied the acoustic soul by proposing historical interpretations, while the Serbian star Petar Maric expressed the electronic one playing an arrangement and electronic adaptations of classical pieces following the path traced by Marcosignori, of which he was also exposed the cast of the hand preserved in the Museo delle Impronte of Recoaro Terme.

But the welcome with a green footprint and the calendar have taken off since morning. At 9.30am there was Pif Academy, a moment of formation with high-profile characters like Petri Makkonen (Finland) who gave a seminar on the classical accordion at the Salone degli Stemmi. At 12.00, Aperipif in Binci auditorium, performance by the winners of the most important festivals in the world started by the Serbian Luka Simic (Trophee mondial, Canada 2018) and taking advantage of the tasting of wines and typical products offered by VinarMonica, SìconTe, Poldo, FiorettiBrera , Fiordigrano and Biologically. From 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm, PifOnstage offered the stage in Piazza della Repubblica to musicians from all over the world (Gwen Cresens / Bart Van Caenegem classic / tango / jazz from Belgium), AccorDuo (jazz, Italy), Aleksander Ipavec and Francesco Bearzatti ( jazz Slovenia) and duo Marsia (classical, Italy).

At 6.00 pm in San Francesco, Pif Auditorium with a cultured and experimental concert, whose protagonists were the Baretè quartet (Giampaolo Mrach, Pierpaolo Gregorin, Alessandro Scolz and Mario Castenetto) with the cd “Mirage” mixing jazz and world music and Eric Bouvelle ( 7.00 pm), undisputed leader of the French variété.

In addition, from 4.00pm to 7.00pm, free accordion lessons for children aged 4 to 18 and game music at the Paolo Soprani Music School with Lucanero and Camilletti. And the notes also continue under the stars: at the Pub ‘O Brian with “Sul comò live” and at the On Stage club in via Soprani at 11.30 pm with Lu Trainanà “, a project that aims to rediscover and re-evaluate the Marche’s own musical tradition from the peasant era with Marco Meo (tambourine from the Marche, ‘gnacchere, triangle and voice), Walter Bianchini (organs and percussion) and Giovanni Cofani (accordion, percussion and voice).

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