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Dario Vergassola, one of the most famous Italian comedians and songwriters, opens PIF2017 with “The Anchovies Ballad”, a fun and melancholic story told by music and voice and set at Bar Pavone in the Italian province. To accompany Vergassola organetto and accordion by Danilo di Paolonicola, Giovanni Seneca (guitars), Francesco Savoretti (percussion) and Gabriele Pesaresi (double bass)

The Pavone bar “has nothing to envy at the Star Wars bar”: the story’s main character is a cheerleader of strange, funny characters, sometimes ridiculous, but also very realistic. There are Lucio and Albe, two coaches who have played the same billiard game for years without ever coming to an end, constantly playing on the score to last forever. Giulianone says he was kidnapped by the UFOs, while the nickname of the bartender Gigi is Gigipedia because he knows everything. There are Anxiety, hypochondriacaal, aka Embarrassing diseases, and Chiappa brothers, good orcs that make translocators. And finally there is Gino, a state employee with wife and children, the protagonist of an adventurous trip that takes him to America, while friends from the bar follow and comment live on his rocambolesque adventures.
Music inspired by these atmospheres will make counterpoint to reading, Musicians project tradition in an international dimension reinterpreting the musical heritage. A contrast of styles, quotes and musical suggestions synthesized in a very personal language.

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