Meeting between Republic of Moldova Ambassador and entrepreneurs promoted by the Municipality and Technological Pole Production

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incontro ambasciatrice MoldovaA meeting fruitful, friendly and interesting. In the frame of the International Accordion Prize, the municipal administration and the Technological Productive integrated hosted in the morning, the delegation of the Republic of Moldova consists Ambassadress Stela Stingaci, the economic adviser Domenico De Candia and from contributor for links with the local territorial Roberto Galanti. “A starting point to enter into a relationship based on trade between the two territories, open to collaboration and future projects,” said he hoped the Mayor Mirco Soprani, whose welcome address has been queued Marco Scalmati. “An extraordinary opportunity to introduce themselves and to provide skills, experience and expertise of our industry reflecting the dynamic reality of an area from the accordion has been able to develop in other directions, from electronics to mechanics, from technology to renewable energy and construction,“said the president of PTPI. An invitation well accepted by the Moldovan authorities, accepted for more notes on the accordion compatriot Moldovan engaged in Award & Competition: “We thank you for the opportunity to initiate this mutual understanding that I am sure will result in concrete projects because there are assumptions – said the ‘ambassador Stingaci -; ours is a country in evolution, open to the world, willing to trade with foreign countries in which we are offering more guarantees and freedom to businesses. I am pleased that this friendship is born in a cultural context and productive so advanced, a know-how that I have to recognize that we do not exist. “The Republic of Moldova is a growing, geographically small but strategically located between Romania and the former Soviet bloc, whose GDP is 30% based on agriculture and its supply chain, with the particularity to boast the largest wine cellars in the world, over 30 km of tunnels renamed with the names of the wines. “In a moment of structural crisis have not yet been absorbed – said the economic adviser to De Candia – it is important to refer to a network of companies with whom you can exchange projects considering the institutional umbrella already started with the Marche Region. In Moldova we have tried to simplify the bureaucracy, knocking down the barriers so that you can open and operate a limited liability company in a week; taxation is made easier, we have created free zones, the cost of labor is lower, but we need more specialized. “The meeting then continued in the exhibition halls of the Museum of the accordion and some local companies.

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