PIF the best instrument to be protagonist



The PIF Accordion International Award “City of Castelfidardo” is organized by the Municipal Administration of Castelfidardo with the artistic direction of internationally renowned artists. At the moment, the responsibility is entrusted to M ° Renzo Ruggieri who is responsible for the presentation of the programs, more ambitious and even more concrete in favor of local companies, with Castelfidardo capital of music, that always proposes synergies with neighboring territories .

There are many initiatives that are always boiling in the pot, both in the artistic and promotional fields, first of all such as the draw, the rationalization of the categories, the widening of the boundaries and opportunities of a prize that has the aim of animating the enhancement of the accordion instrument , the promotion of the productive industries and about all territories concerned, also at the tourist level.

PIF, as in past editions, pursues the objective of bringing the city, symbol of a quality accordion coming back to the center of the scene, and the enhancement of young talents and a territorial growth without borders. First of all, the attention to all the professional prospects of the competitors and about all the nations interested in the “accordion instrument”, as the primary goal for the promotion of the accordion and about the all best handcrafts tradition of the Marche region in the world.

We remind to the PIF potential partners that our goal is the social promotion of a musical instrument that we traditionally believe is the best social tool to unite different peoples and cultures, without distinction of social class, religion, political creed. This is the PIF principal mission. Therefore, we hope to be able to combine the PIF brand with the individual brands of the territory, that have contributed to the growth of a quality excellence, unique in the world.

So we invite all of you to evaluate a partnership with PIF events; you can request all details to this email.

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We are available for special programs dedicated to companies, organizations, associations, individuals, to enhance all territorial values about music and accordion instrument, in particularly projects related to all EU initiatives.

PIF, the best instrument to be protagonists.