M° Ruggieri: “Aperture and culture, the PIF like Sanremo”

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Enthusiasm, quality, innovation. A fresh air is blowing on the #PIF 2018 – International Accordion Prize – whose 43rd edition is on its doorstep: from September 9th to 16th, a program full of emotions burst with hundreds of musicians competing and famous guests. The new artistic director, the master (from Abruzzo) Renzo Ruggieri, transmits a 360-degree vision, energy and his experience … tracing an already distinct mark.
“We must dare: the #PIF 2018 is the accordion, Castelfidardo is the accordion world, we aspire to be like the Sanremo festival that does not represent a line, a conviction or a stylistic tendency but embraces them all, welcoming every voice. a pre-eminently cultural aspect: not only auditions and concerts writing the musician on duty that attracts the public, but strong choices with innovative formulas open to the future and to a past that we can not forget “. Each event will be free and will tell a story with nimble cuts and connubes specially designed for the review of Ferdinand. See the evening appointments located between the historic center and the theater. From the preview of Sunday 9 “which will bring back to the Astra theater combining the circus and musical art with a show of the highest value – Fissos Armonikos – which honors Paolo Soprani on the centenary of his death”, at Electro talk & play, tuesday 11 (21 pm), conference room) dedicated to the  electronics accordion which 10 minutes characters and musicians will alternate presenting their respective projects Official opening in the square with the “Alici & Calici” on Wednesday 12 in collaboration with “Marchigianamente” exalted the enogastronomy and the versatility of a trio of aces: Sergio Caputo, Simona Molinari and Michele Monina, powered by Mattia Toccacelie accompanied by the notes of the Calambre quartet.The evening of Thursday 13 is by virtuosos: Memories of Peppino Principe, “because you do not can talk about the future without remembering the past we come from”, retracing the exuberant youthful spirit of the master and the extraordinary character of the succes I know in the most mature age. Friday 14, here is the great jazz, “joining the talents of two of the most promising artists of the new lever, like the Portuguese accordionist Joao Barrados and the saxophonist Francesco Cafiso”. Saturday 15, another gems: the premiere of “S-Borders” with three representative artists experimental music (Vladimir Blagojevic), the new neoclassical trend (Cesare Chiaccheretta) and the crossing popular genre (Marco Gemelli), classical and jazz . Sunday 16th, an explosive closure with a true champion of the organ: Riccardo Tesi and the “Banditaliana”.

A container that dispenses unique and special pills: two world premières with one of the most important Russian artists, Yuri Shishkin, the Accordion Stage Academy for new music by the new CDMI, the free instrument lessons of the “Soprani civic school “, the aperitif concerts, workshops, moments of celebration like the one offered Saturday by the “Saltarello Orchestra” which also animated the night of the taranta and the 1st of May (in Rome). Everything revolves around the central core of the prize & competition founded on four sections (classic, virtuoso, jazz, world music) to which each day is dedicated to a large number of registrations have been consolidated forming a stellar jury presided over by an artist who has changed the history of music: Friederich Lips.

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