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Recently, we have received many requests for further informations about the new regulation. We are aware that streaming auditions are a novelty and for this reason we have decided to postpone ENTRY CLOSURE TO AUGUST, 31ST and to publish the ANSWERS like as  frequently asked questions.

How will the STREAMING and LIVE rehearsals work?
Distance and security in the Pandemic are factors that the PIF is very keen to do and in Italy they are regulated by strict laws. At the moment, we can welcome SOLOISTS (but not groups) for live on the stage of the Astra Theater.

To maintain an adequate level, an international competition needs TWO fundamental parameters:
a) The certainty of live proof evidence
b) The best possible audio quality.

Obviously, we will do our best to meet these conditions with a simple idea. The live streaming WILL SHOW THAT THE CANDIDATE PLAYS IN A PRECISE MOMENT and for this reason he will declare his name, program, place and time of the performance.

However, streaming does not guarantee a sufficient audio level and for this reason the candidate WILL RECORD THE SAME PERFORMANCE with his video camera (or with a mobile phone that can guarantee a similar quality) that he will send us as soon as possible.

Our organization will prepare an internet page with all the videos sent by the candidates so that the jurors will be able to follow the streaming but also to calmly review the videos received.

How to submit the VIDEOS for the PRE-SELECTIONS?
Due to the pandemic we are forced to limit registrations and for this reason the candidates during the registration will send the link (youtube, facebook, etc.) of their video (max 10 minutes). There will be no a score for the videos but only a selection and for this reason the program can be repeated in the final test. The video must contain the full figure of the musician (it is not a strict clause) and must have been made in 2020. It can consist of recordings made on different days.

How will the FINAL AUDITIONS take place?
Closed the registrations, the juries will watch the videos of the PRE-SELECTIONS indicating the FINALISTS. All finalists will be contacted by our organization for a connection test and to receive a vademecum that will clarify all doubts. On the day of the auditions (on the website you can already consult the timetables) the candidate will be in contact with our secretary office who will put it live at the appropriate time.

We will use professional software and the candidate will receive a simple INTERNET ADDRESS which he will must to establish a direct contact (he can use a computer or mobile phone).

The juries will work by their own residence. As a first step, they will view the videos of the SELECTIONS expressing their preferences on the finalists. On the day of the final test, they will be in LIVE mode for an initial greeting, and then remain OFFLINE to listen the LIVE STREAMING (internet pages), but they will also display the pages with the VIDEO OF PERFORMANCE sent by the candidates.

The scores will be communicated at the end of the event (since September, 20th) and as such the juries will be enabled to express their scores in a professional manner. As the PIF tradition, all the individual votes of the jurors will be public.

How will the compulsory piece be performed with ORCHESTRA?
Unfortunately, this year it will not be possible to have a live orchestra and the streaming test does not allow adequate synchronization between backing track and soloist. For these reasons – in agreement with M ° Gorka Hermosa – it was agreed that the 3 finalists of the AWARD category will be able to record (they WILL NOT PLAY LIVE) a video in which they perform on the orchestral backing provided. We thank M ° Hermosa who has created for the PIF an orchestral backing track of the obligatory piece in version “without accordion” and in version “with metronome” to facilitate the candidate’s study (you can already download it on our website). We are aware that manipulations are possible on the recorded videos and the president of the jury, if irregularities occur, can eliminate the candidate. Therefore, there will be no audio / video rules but candidates are expected to demonstrate on video that they are actually playing. The 3 videos will be streamed on the last day of the Award.

Where to follow the streaming broadcasts of the PIF 2020?
Our ASTRA THEATER will be transformed into a TELEVISION STUDIO by a team of experienced professionals, to guarantee an audio / video level at the highest levels. The whole world will be able to follow us from 16 to 20 September live on all our official site (youtube channel, facebook, website)  and on our digital TV (

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