Germano Mazzocchetti

Germano Mazzocchetti

Born in Città S. Angelo (PE). At first he studied accordion then, after high school, he graduated in Musicology with a thesis on the history of jazz.

In 1978 the meeting with the director Anthony Calenda brings him closer to the composition of music for the theater and his debut in “Representation of the Passion” at the Teatro Stabile Aquila.

In addition to collaboration with Calenda, which continues today, has worked, among others, with Vittorio Gassman and Egisto Marcucci, Luigi Squarzina, Walter Pagliaro, Glauco Mauri, Beppe Navello, Vittorio Franceschi, Fabio Grossi, Massimo Venturiello, Alessandro D’Alatri, Cesare Lievi, Giuseppe Dipasquale, Armando Pugliese, Enrico Brignano, Luca Zingaretti, Arturo Brachetti.

He has written several musicals, including “Gaston”, “The Road”, “The Bourgeois Gentleman” and “The Great Dictator”, all for Massimo Venturiello and Tosca.

He wrote the work of musical theater “The Ballad of Love dishonest” on a text by Augusto Fornari.

For film he composed the soundtrack for several films. These include “The Journey of the Bride” by Sergio Rubini.

For television, is the author of music for fiction, among other series of seven “Police”.

He performs concerts with the sextet “Germano Mazzocchetti Ensemble”, which performs his compositions of such ethno-jazz.

He has released CDs.: “Di mezzo il mare” (Egea) with Egea Orchestra; “Testasghemba” (Egea) and “Asap” (Uncipit) with Germano Mazzocchetti Ensemble. And many others CDs of music for theater.

He wrote the Concerto for Clarinet and Strings “Survivor Is The Sun”, dedicated to Gabriele Mirabassi; the piece “Simultaneous Vision” for violin and piano; the piece for symphonic orchestra “Where The Sea Is Found”, dedicated to Luigi Piovano. And a jazz version of  Respighi’s “Feste romane”.

He has won several awards including the 2003, 2005 and 2009 “The Olympics – Oscar Theatre” author of the best music scene, 2012 “The Masks of the Italian Theatre” autor of the best music scene, 2005 Scanno Prize, in 2006 “Flaiano Prize” and 2009 the “RomaFictionFest” autor of the best fiction music.