Classical Category Composition Jury

Prestigious and balanced the Classical Category Composition Jury. 3 composers, 3 concert performers, 3 conductors with the presidium the musicologist who knows everything about the PIF.


Paolo Picchio (musicologist, AD PIF 1991/2013, Italy)


Gorka Hermosa (composer, concert artist, Spain)

Petri Makkonen (composer, concert artist, Finland)

Germano Mazzocchetti (composer, concert artist, Italy)

Concert Artists

Friederic Lips (concert artist, teacher, Russia)

Massimiliano Pitocco (concert artist, teacher, Italy)

Peter Soave (concert artist, teacher, USA)


Filippo Arlia (conductor, concert artist, Italy)

Antonio Cericola (conductor, composer, Italy)

Volodymyr Runchak (conductor, composer, Ukraine)


Paolo Picchio has long been the artistic director of the PIF, in the years ranging from 1991 to 2013. Accordionist, arranger and composer and graduate with honors in “Musicology” he has numerous articles for the most important magazines in the sector, as well as have held seminars to study the classical accordion repertoire in Italy and Croatia, Czech Republic, France and Slovakia. Among his most important works certainly the text “The concert accordion and his repertoire” (Ed. Brillarelli, 2004). Read the biography>>

Gorka Hermosa (read the biography)(“Fragilissimo”, “Paco”, “Atlantia”, etc.) and Petri Makkonen (read the biography)(“Disco Toccata”, “Like Swans”, “Disco Tango”) are among the most acclaimed and performed composers in the world. There is no international competition in which their works are not played by countless candidates. Their poetics has always been characterized by a modern vision of the accordion repertoire, without neglecting the creation of works for orchestra.

Germano Mazzocchetti, initially a classical accordionist, has dedicated himself to composition for theater, TV and cinema, becoming one of the benchmarks of the sector. Just to name a few he wrote the music for the fiction “Carabinieri”, for the film “The Journey of the Bride” (S.Rubini) as well as winning numerous prizes including that awarded by the “National Theater Critics Association”. Read the biography>>

Frederic Lips needs no introduction and is by far the first extraordinary classical accordion concert player. Countless his first performances of composers like: S. Gubaidulina, W.Solotarjov, E.Denissov, etc. His activity as a teacher at the Gnessin Akademy in Moscow and all over the world was very intense; he was awarded prestigious prizes by Russian presidents Elsin and Putin. Read the biography>>

Massimiliano Pitocco, the first of the Italians to win the PIF in 1988, can be considered one of the main accordionists of the Italian classical accordion as well as being the holder of the accordion chair in the prestigious Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome. Read the biography>>

Peter Soave, internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading accordion and bandoneon performers. Numerous compositions written for him and numerous performances with the most important world symphonic orchestras (“Hollywood Bowl Orchestra”, “Windsor Symphony”, “San Salvador Philharmonic”, etc.). Read the biography>>

The very young Filippo Arlia, international concert artist (“Concerti al Quirinale”, “Carnegie Hall”, etc.) and director of the conservatory of Nocera Terinese (Italy):

“He is one of the most promising orchestral directors of his generation …”
Roberto Zichittella (Famiglia Cristiana magazine).

He founded the “Philharmonic Orchestra of Calabria” with which he performed a wide repertoire including: “Le Sacre du Printemps” Stravinskij, “Pictures of an exhibition” Mussorgski, “Aida” Verdi, etc.. Read the biography>>

Antonio Cericola, acclaimed director of orchestra, is also distinguished by the extraordinary compositional vein in fact his lyric opera “The Adventures of Pinocchio” debuted at the Athens International Festival alongside the Berliner Philharmoniker and Luciano Pavarotti. He has written many works including musicals, ballets and classical works such as “Oratorio per Natale”. Read the biography>>

Volodymyr Runchak, besides being a refined accordionist and composer (“Symphony n.3 (Credo)”, “Portrait of Stravinskij”, “Via dolorosa”, etc.); he is known above all for his activity as conductor with over 400 “world premiere” with the most important international orchestras of: Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Azerbaija, etc. Read the biography>>