Valerio Russo

Valerio Russo was born in Benevento in 1998. He began his accordion study at the age of 9 with Maestro Pietro Iannace, with whom he immediately turned out to be a young talent, winning first prize at the “Accordion Art Festival” in Roseto degli Abruzzi and getting the qualification for the World Cup in Salzburg.

From 2015 he studies with the renowned jazz accordionist M ° Renzo Ruggieri with whom he achieves as many important goals as the first prize at the international festival “Paolo Barrasso” of Caramanico Terme and the second prize at the “PIF 2015” of Castelfidardo. In the same year, Valerio won the prestigious Coupe Mondiale (Turku, Finland) and the World Trophy (Martigny, Switzerland). In 2016 it won: the first prize at the Instruments & Music festival (Spoleto), first prize at the “ITALIA AWARD” (Roseto degli Abruzzi), 2nd prize in the “Digital accordion” category at the Coupe Mondiale (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) and 2nd prize at the 2016 PIF (Castelfidardo). In 2017 he gets another 2nd prize at the PIF 2017 (Castelfidardo) in the “Senior variety” category.

From 2018 he began his academic study at the Classical Accordion course at the “S. Cecilia ”of Rome with Maestro Massimiliano Pitoccoe in 2017 she made her first record production, a CD entitled“ Accordion Puzzle ”.