Prakash M B

Bangalore’s self taught maestro

Not too many people understand the capability and versatility of the accordion.

Basically a reed instrument, it has tremendous tonal and dynamic range. In the hands of a skilled accordionist it can create musical magic, the same instrument can play soft, haunting melodies, or foot stomping dance music. It has the capability of being a self-contained solo instrument, as well as a great instrument for accompaniment, and orchestras.

M. B. Prakash is a unique accordionist. Completely self-taught, his passion for the instrument is unmatched. Not only has he mastered the Piano Accordion to its fullest potential, he has also understands the intricacies and mechanics of the instrument itself. This enables him to maintain his instruments in absolutely top condition. His passion for the instrument extends beyond himself.

Teacher, Performer, and Arranger

Prakash leaves no stone unturned to promote the instrument and has a loyal and talented group of students and friends who share the same passion. In fact, he and two of his friends have created an accordion trio called ‘The Tremolos’ and they perform regularly at concerts in and outside Bangalore. Prakash and his friends look at the accordion as more than a musical instrument; to them it an art form!

Prakash teaches, performs and arranges music for the accordion. His arrangements even include those for accordion duos and trios. With his deep knowledge of the instrument, he is one of the few accordion tuners in the country.

Though it originated in Europe, the accordion’s versatility enables music of different styles to be played on it.

Prakash plays Polkas, Tangos, Waltzes and other styles from various continents, making European, Russian, Chinese, American and other audiences feel they are ‘home away from home’

For such audiences it has always been a delightful surprise to listen to their own music, played in their own style and that too in Bangalore! Invariably Prakash’s performances have enthused people in the audience to even get up and dance!

Prakash is a professional musician and has played at many prestigious music concerts. He is also an enthusiastic participant at smaller gatherings such as home concerts, special workshops and dedicated performances, for these are wonderful opportunities to popularise the accordion.

Prakash also has the distinction of being the first Indian accordionist to participate by invitation, as a jury member at the Trophee Mondial de L’Accordeon, a premier international Accordion Championship competition.