Jean-Louis Noton

Born in Beaujolais (France) in July 1952, he began studying the accordion at the age of 9 by attending lessons with Tino Ottogalli.

From 1966 to 1971 he studied trombone at the Lyon Conservatory (France), continuing the study of the accordion privately, as it was not yet present in the French conservatories.

In 1969 he won the “Pinder O.R.T.F Trophee” in Paris, a very important national competition, broadcast on television and radio.

In 1971 he won the “Prix du President de la République” in Puy en Velay, one of the most important competitions in France.

At the age of 20 he decided to interrupt his career as an accordionist, which he only resumed in the early 80s, thanks to the birth of the MIDI language, which he became very interested in right from the start.

For several years he was a music and computer teacher and in 1992 he became the demonstrator of the MIDY20 keyboards, developed by the “Cavagnolo” company, and later became the demonstrator of the ODYSSEE accordion, the first wireless digital accordion, designed by Guy Daurelle and Sergio Tomassi.

Later he developed the DIGITAL MAESTRO accordion, in collaboration with the companies Bonifassi and Logic System (Sergio Domesi).

He has held master-classes and concerts all over the world, sometimes even playing in “extreme” situations, such as at 4357 m altitude in the Swiss Alps to celebrate his 45 years and in Mauritania on a camel!