Franck Angelis

Born in 1962 in Melun, Franck Angelis came very young to the music and accordion without getting locked into playing several instruments and also teaches piano, discipline in which he won a gold medal.

In 1981 he won the World Trophy Accordion (Classical senior category).Requested by many composers, he participated in several creations ( Mass Bernard Cavanna , the festival ” musica ” Strasbourg ) and recorded for film soundtracks : ” Jeanne and wonderful boys ” music of Philip Miller, ” a world between two ” music of Bernard Cavanna .
Thereafter , he continued his concert career and is moving happily to the composition.

He signs among other theatrical music «The Soliloquies of a heart «for the National scene Clermont Ferrand directed by Jean Philippe Vidal.
 Participates in numerous national and international juries ( World Cup , World Trophy , Castelfidardo , montrond baths ) and some of his compositions have emerged as reference pieces .

 Even more than the technical virtuosity they require is for their musical qualities Franck compositions were selected. They are equally works together as parts of competitions, in which the performers must show all their expressiveness and sensitivity.

Franck compositions are works of great originality and modernity, who do not hesitate to get married in a very personal expression baroque and French song (Brel -Bach), or traditional Chinese music and jazz (Asia -flashes). They attest to the creative genius and great musical culture of their composer.

It was during his tours in France and abroad as part of festivals and concerts that Frank was able to discover other cultures, other ways of approaching music (Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, China …).
With his experience as a concert, it draws a very personal inspiration which makes for a remarkable concert accordion composer.
Graduate Professor of State, he currently teaches at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Gennevilliers (92).
Parts Franck Angelis are programs of the world’s great concert ( Mika Varynen Alexander skyarov Petar Maric , Grayson Masefield , Domi Emorine Roman Jbanov etc …
In 2010, his play ” HAITI ” he won , Croatia, the first composition prize awarded by the International Confederation of accordionists (IMC- UNESCO) and also the first prize in 2012
His play ” BEIJING 2011″.

Main compositions for accordion:

  • Suite de concert Beijing 2011                                                                            
  • Moscou ParisComastor
  • RomanceLa valse du Clown
  • IntérieurHaïti
  • Boite à rythme Toccata
  • EtudeParis-Moscou
  • Amalgame Romance (II)
  • Hommage à Paco Spleen                                        
  • Impasse Fantaisie
  • Nocturne