Francesco Bearzatti

Narrator in love with words and capable of prodigious innovations, a stranger always and everywhere and yet profoundly Italian, a musician to the eternal search for the other, irresistibly attracted by revolutionary processes as long as they are free and changeable and not rigid, Francesco Bearzatti spent his childhood in the Friuli province . With his peers he shared his first musical loves, listening to real rockers: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, then punk, Ramones, Sex Pistols and all the others arrived. Graduated in clarinet at the conservatory of Udine, Francesco deepened his studies in New York, where he also met George Coleman.
For many years he devoted himself to rock and pop music, for a long time he performed in local nightclubs even as DJs and recorded some electronic music projects that profoundly marked his musical race: “I played a lot of pop music especially when I was very young . I played at the disco for five years, more or less every night, working with various DJs and as a DJ, and I happened to record a lot of electronic music too. This type of situation represents an influence that is still very evident today: it is part of my background and when I think of my projects, it comes naturally to me to go fishing even in my extra-jazz past ”. Among the first and most important educational experiences is certainly the disc “Live At Vartan” – and consequent tour in the United States – on behalf of the Russian trumpeter Valery Ponomarev in which he finds himself playing with drummer Ben Riley, historical partner of Thelonious Monk. Formed in 1994 the Kaiser Lupowitz Trio, a formation linked to the Veronese period and composed by Enrico Terragnoli on guitar and Zeno De Rossi on drums, which takes its name from a privat investigator, a character invented by Woody Allen for a short story, which is given commissioned to find God. Clearly inspired by New York, especially due to the avant-garde that was taking place within the Knitting Factory, the trio stands out for its deep folk drive, with various blends with klezmer and Indian music. Together they record a couple of records: “Dommage” also enjoys the participation of Kurt Rosenwinkel on the guitar; “You Don’t!”, Recorded at the Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn, sees Josh Roseman appear.
The first lead record is entitled “Suspended Steps”, recorded for the Caligola quartet with Paolo Birro on the piano, Marc Abrams on the double bass and Max Chiarella on the drums. The disc, published in 1998 and made up of almost totally original repertoire, enjoys a good consensus of the public and specialized critics (in particular on the French magazine JazzMan). However, the following period, the years he spent in France, in Paris, marked the apex of his artistic career for Francesco. He makes a great friendship with Aldo Romano and takes part in the recordings of “Because of Bechet”. On that occasion he met Emmanuel Bex, virtuoso organ player. The three form the Bizart Trio led by Francesco and record “Virus” for Marco Valente’s Auand (2003) and replicate the following year with “Hope” in which also Enrico Rava appears. In 2003 he was voted Best New Talent at the Top Jazz organized by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz.
Among the many collaborations, the one with Giovanni Mazzarino is certainly important. Francesco takes part in several recordings both of the quartet and of the Sicilian pianist’s quintet, from “Plays Ballads” in 1999 to “Live allo Spasimo” in 2003, the first made in quartet, the second in quintet.
He takes part in the new album by Gianluca Petrella “Indigo 4” for Blue Note and is among the protagonists of the Stefano Battaglia quintet with whom he has already recorded a disc-tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini which will soon be published by the famous Ecm record company. Among the projects available in his name, in addition to the Bizart Trio (author of the two discs for Auand), the award-winning project “Stolen Days” always produced by Auand on behalf of the Sax Pistols (formation in which alongside him Stomu Takeishi on electric bass and Dan Weiss on the drums, as well as being the protagonist of a free adaptation for reciting voice and saxophones by Geoff Dyer, “The still life with sax custody”, the piano duo of Jean-Pierre Como and a solo project on Duke Ellington. participated in Indigo 4’s second album, in February 2008 the “Tinissima” record was published by the Parco della musica Records, a work entirely dedicated to the figure of Tina Modotti and conceived with the trumpet by Giovanni Falzone and the rhythm formed by Danilo Gallo and Zeno De Rossi, this is considered one of the most interesting works of 2008.
Wins as part of the Top Jazz 2009 referendum, announced by the magazine Musica Jazz, the prize for “Instrumentalist of the year section reeds”.
In 2010 “X (Suite for Malcolm)” was awarded as “Best record of the year” in Top Jazz 2010 and as Best Album in Italy by JazzitAward.
Best reel 2011 Jazz Music referendum and Best Sax Tenor Jazz It awards.
Best European Musician 2011 Jazz Francaise Academies.