ERAKOVIC GVOZDEN was born in Loznica, a family of musicians. He started his musical education in Šabac, in the class of Živan Gajić. He enrolls secondary school in Kragujevac in the class of prof. Radomir Tomić, and finishes in the class of prof. Vojin Vasovic. Higher Music School enrolles and ends in the class of doc. Vojin Vasovic. Music Academy in Srpska Sarajevo is enrolling and finishing in the class of Dr. Zoran Rakic.

 During his studies he was a participant in many seminars where the lecturers were the most prominent professors in the world of accordion. He competed and won several awards, of which he bestowed his first prize at the accordion competition in 2000 from Paralia, Greece.

He started his pedagogical work in 2000 at Šabac at the Mihajlo Vukdragović Music School, and since 2003, he has been moving to Smederevo at the Kosta Manojlović Music School. Already in the first years of work, the quality education received by the professors who through education has influenced its development, both musical and intellectual, comes to the fore. In addition to this, it is also true that almost all competitions held in our country were a member of the jury – Republican competition, Republican festival, Zvezdane staze in Kragujevac, competitions in Smederevo, Belgrade, Novi Knezevac, Loznica, Backa Topola, Knjazevac, the international competition “Internet Music Competition” and abroad was a member of the jury in Castelfidardo, Italy; Paralia, Greece; Sanok, Poland and Ugljevik, Republika Srpska.

During her work with her students she won a number of awards, both in Serbia and abroad. There were, in total, over one hundred and fifty first prizes, eleven other, first and second prizes at the Republican competition, special prize at the Republican Festival, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh in Klingental, fourth and fifth place in the World Trophy, fourt and eighth place in Castelfidardo, third place in Poprad in Slovakia, laureate and first prize in Sanok, Poland, laureates at the competition in Graz, Austria, laureate in Sofia, Bulgaria, laureates at Harmonious Games in Slovenia, laureates and first prizes at ” Internet Music Competition “, absolute p a laurel at the competition in Loznica, repeatedly laureates at the competitions in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, East Sarajevo, Novi Kneževac, Loznica, Lazarevac, Pančevo, Backa Topola, Knjaževac, first and second awards in East Sarajevo, first awards at the Days of the Accord in Smederevo. For three consecutive years, his students were absolute winners in Ugljevik, Republic of Srpska, and he was assigned two years in succession for the most successful teachers. In addition, for four years, his candidate went on to win the World Trophy traditionally held in Smederevo at the “Days of the Harmonica” competition.

Many students who graduated from high school in his class continued their education at the Music Academy in Germany, East Sarajevo, Kragujevac and Belgrade. Special emphasis is given to Eraković Filip who has already completed Master studies in Essen, Germany, in the class of Professor Mie Miki, was named one of the best young artists in Germany for 2011. Aleksandar Popović and Lazić Milan are students at the accordion section in Munich and are among the most promising young accordionists of today.