Carmine Di Marco

Carmine DI MARCO studied classical accordion with A. Cardinali. He graduated in composition at the Con­servatory of “S.Cecilia” in Rome, with Boris Porena, Ivan Vandor, Claudio Annibaldi, all the PETRASSI’s pupils, improving himself with BERIO.

He received significant awards:

A honor medal of Republic Presidents C.A. CIAMPI, G. NAPOLITANO. The award of Wien gave by C. ABBA­DO, G. LIGET’, E DONATONI for NUCLEI work (concert for bayan and orchestra), awarded at PIF with FOL­LIE, (Rondo Praga Editions) interpreted in the concert performers section, with Fantasia in Mi minore (Berben Ancona edition) significant piece section of concert performers of 34° Trophe Mondial de l’accordeon (CMA). – The composition and concert activities by M° Di Marco aims to vaorize the accordion through the inclusion in chamber music, symphonic, opera formations.

He performs concerts, execution of his works, master class, in all the world.

He published music, recordings for Berben, Ricordi, Rondo and other editions.

RAI TV ITALIANA collaborator as accordionist an composer, in Television programmes: “Uno Mattina”, with also the fisorchestra directed by him, “Concerto di Natale” RAIUNO, performing himself in front of Papa Bene­detto XVI and Giorgio Napolitano, “Domenica in”, “Sulle vie di Damasco”, giving various interviews.

For the CINEMA he composed music for movies by M. Bellocchio, G. Tornatore, A. Valori and others. Known the artistic collaborations with E. A. Morricone.

For the “Museo delle Impronte” by Recoaro Tenne, he realised the mold of the hand exposed with those of other Big of the accordion.

Titular of Music Accademy “Carmine Di Marco”.

Artistic Director of the “Premio Fisannonicistico Internazionale di Capistrello” caught on RAI Eurovision, TG1, TG2, TG3.