Carlo Casabianca

Born in 1963 in Bolano in the province of La Spezia, he studied accordion from the age of eight with the great Master of Fellino in the province of Parma, Umberto Allodi, and some years with Maestro Endrio Luti. For some years he has approached
 also for the organization of accordion events. In 2015 he organized a musical afternoon in parallel with the festival of the mind in Sarzana, a very important event in the province of La Spezia which over time became an international appointment, in the council hall of the town of Sarzana, with some prestigious musicians. In 2016, in the beautiful theater of Pontremoli in the province of Massa and Carrara (Tuscany), the night of the accordions is an event much appreciated by the large audience with several accordionists. In September 2016, in Sarzana, a town with an important and ancient history was born, his creation was the 1st Festival of the accordion city of Sarzana which saw three editions, the first two in the town hall, that of the last season 2018 at the Teatro degli Impavidi, with an important public and critical response, with guests from the international accordion world. In 2018 he was called to collaborate in the most important event in the world for high craftsmanship instruments CREMONA MUSICA INTERNATIONAL, always the last long weekend of September, and contributes to the birth of the ACCORDION SHOW accordion show. This year the International Prize of the ACCORDION was invited to the PIF among the most important in the world if not the most important, in the homeland of this instrument, CASTELFIDARDO in the Marche, to be part of the jury for the world category Music. For some years he has been working as an artistic consultant for the event, the Accordions under the tower in Vezzano Ligure, a medieval village in the province of La Spezia. Last July he was invited to join the jury for a Music Contest, organized in the province of La Spezia with several emerging groups.