Adolfo Del Cont was born in Aviano (Pn) in 1968. He studied accordion since the age of seven years with S. Cortella and then with B. Flocco. He then followed numerous COURSES PERFEZIONANENTO with prestigious professors, including F. Guerouet (France), L. Gore and P. Soave (USA), R. Tomic (Serbia), J. Mornet (France). He graduated in accordion and piano with highest honors in the conservative state.

He has given numerous concerts throughout Europe, Russia and the US, presenting a vast repertoire Spaziante from baroque to contemporary, even in important international concert seasons: Friends of Music, AGIMUS, Muzicka Omladina of Kragujevac, The Music Center in Detroit (USA), Festival Geilo (Norway) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), Carniarmonie, “Summer On The Riviera” (Croatia), etc..

He TRANSCRIBED for classical accordion works by important composers published by Editions Berben in Ancona, and distinguished himself in important INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS for accordion concert performers, including: FIRST PRIZE in 1988 to Camalò (Tv) and the Grand Prix “Lacroix” (St. Etienne – France), in 1990 in Los Angeles (USA) and in 1992 the Tournament Int. Music (TIM).

Second prize in 1987 at the Premio di Castelfidardo (An) and in 1988 at the World Trophy CMA in France. Finalist in Klingenthal, Germany, in 1989.

He is regularly invited as a giury in music conservatories and international competitions.