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A different but no less special edition, faithful to a prestigious tradition and innovation challenges, in line with the slogan coined in unsuspected times. By virtue of an already well-launched organizational machine capable of grasping and transforming the needs of this historical period into opportunities, the 45th PIF will paint all the colors of the world (16/20th September).

A theme that could not be more appropriate: the music and the notes of the accordion have lightened a phase of serious difficulty and more than ever we want to share them in a wide dimension – said Mayor Roberto Ascani in the online press conference -. With the team composed by the master Renzo Ruggieri, councilor for culture, Pro Loco and Owl solutions that I thank for the efforts made to look for alternative ways, we have found a balance on the novelties to be made to the program around two words: direct and social. All our experiences will be streamed through platforms that will allow for the widest possible use: a bet in which we believe a lot, respecting the precautions that will make it possible to live safely even in the presence of events ». A dutiful thanks was then expressed in favor of partners such as the Marche Region, the Carilo Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce and companies in the sector who are providing valuable support and suggestions. As for the artistic contents, the director Renzo Ruggieri illustrated the news of a regulation rewritten practically from the beginning. «The competition will focus on all genres of the PIF, focusing on the six main categories: Prize for concert performers and classical, virtuoso, world music, jazz, tango, Gervasio Marcosignori who will be assessed with the standard scores in twentieth formulated by the international jury connected remotely . Instead, we will dedicate a special category to young people, who are a fundamental band for the accordion sphere, voted by the public so that it is not a race with strict rankings but a party in which the most deserving are rewarded with special prizes ».

In order to respect the distancing, the presences in Castelfidardo will be filtered: the first step consists in fact of the registration deadline and in the sending by August 20 of a video with his own performance that will be listened by the jury selecting the 10 admitted to the final test , who can then choose whether to present themselves on the stage of the Astra theater set up as a real television set of high technical quality or play live streaming. The PIF, therefore, does not give up anything but rather expands its audience by making use of the multiplier effect of social channels and for the first time of direct TV thanks to the professionalism of E-tvMarche.
A large screen will be set up in Piazza della Repubblica with the live of each performance and there will be collateral events: from three seminars on classical, jazz and world music to concerts with admitted public by reservation. “A path dotted with communication initiatives and strategies also spreading the PIF through a terrestrial platform”, added the commissioner Ruben Cittadini, announcing that he has also put on the agenda the reopening of the Accordion Museum (29 August), the PIF around in bicycle from Castelfidardo to the twin Saxon city of Klinghental, the recording of the documentary by Sky arte with the narrative voice of Raphael Gualazzi and the Unesco procedure. “The artistic world, although affected by the emergency, has never stopped and it is a good thing that the PIF in turn does not stop and rather relaunches and explores new paths with a considerable effort of organization”, the testimony of Massimo Pigini, president by Music Marche.

(Article by Press Office of the Municipality of Castelfidardo)

Auditions program 2020 
September 17th classical 1st
September 18th virtuous jazz
September 19th world, Gervasio Marcosignori award
September 20th Astor Piazzaolla Award, classic 2nd

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